Beauty is our birthright. As we cycle through this labyrinth of time and space, as we shed and shine, learn and grow- we must have a space to come to as our journey’s bend. As women, we are innately healers. Embedded deep within the cells of our being are the codes of the Sacred, the Divine. But we have forgotten our power. We have disregarded the potential of our intuition. We have rested the answers to our questions in the hands of another.

The intention of Sisters & Cycles of Beauty is to awaken the medicine within you.
We are not here to heal you.
Others are not here to heal you.
You are here to heal you.
We understand the power of assistance and support outside of ourselves at points in life, and this is why we gather. This is why we show up for each other, face to face in circle and ceremony. We come together to be witness to the rising goddess, the emerging medicine woman, and the powerful healer in each and every one of us.

Sisters & Cycles of Beauty is a seasonal gathering of women coming together for ceremony and ritual. We will come together for 6 sessions over the autumnal season. Each session we journey with a different plant ally. We whole heartedly believe in the healing power, and divine wisdom the plants have to offer. Using both indigenous plants of this island soil, and sacred plant teachers of other lands, we invite their potent teachings into our hearts.



September 23rd 6:30pm - 9:30pm
October 8th 6:30pm - 9:30pm
October 20th 11:00am - 2:00pm
October 30th 6:30pm - 9:30pm
November 17th
11:00am - 2:00pm
December 4th 6:30pm - 9:30pm


Working with Sacred Plant Teachers
Cacao Ceremony
Moon Rituals
Samhain Ceremony
Elemental Ceremony
Earth Offerings
Altar Creations
Sharing Circles
Guide Meditations
Inner Child Work
Sharing Food

We will gather each session at our beautiful homestead 35 minutes east of Charlottetown. Transportation is not provided, but there will be a Facebook group for people to discuss carpooling. Please arrive on time for each session!

Our work is with the earth Mother, remembering her ways, offering our prayers of healing, learning the medicine of her plants. We will gather each circle both outdoors and indoors, so please be prepared to brave the elements. (Warm clothes, sun protection, bug protection, etc- depending on the weather and session). Please bring along a journal, mug, blanket and cushion.


Space is limited!
To register please send payment in full to: or
Or for more info, please contact below.


“Sisters And cycles of beauty has been an extremely strong and powerful container for me the past two seasons - I’ve gone through some major personal growth and changes this year and these circles were like touchcstones for me, a safe place to step into and rest while crossing a raging river. Katlin & Emily are wonderful facilitators, conscious and gracious, and deep in the work themselves, so that while they offer teachings, we are also all co-creating the sacred space together. I’ve come to be so thankful for the sisterhood that has formed as a result and the support and grace we offer one another. Highly, deeply recommend.”- Monica

"These guided mediations, communal experiences in nature, and the group of very supportive women all add up to be a magical way to ease you into doing the inner work you need to help cope with, repair, and enhance your day-to-day life and sense of self. My own experiences in these circles have been fulfilling, enlightening, surprising, earth-shattering, heart-warming, and joyful. I’ve felt comfortable enough to share parts of my life that I had never talked about with anyone else, and often leave the sessions feeling physically lighter as my spirit feels freer.Ultimately, the Sisters & Cycles program is as life-changing as you allow it to be, and is wonderful for any woman who is hoping to connect with her truest self along with other empowered women who are doing the same." - Savannah

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