11 Day Online Workshop focussing on integrating parts of ourself that have been deemed “bad” or “wrong” or not good enough or WHATEVER. So much of our purpose is held within the darkness, unknown, unconscious sides of ourself. This workshop is all about exploring, integrating, and ultimately shining light into those parts of ourself.

$33 **if you do not have a credit card just contact me below and I have a way around that.

Integration to me means Wholeness. I feel we are all working towards wholeness in some form or another. Each of us calling back aspects of ourself that fled the scene in a traumatic moment, or were shamed when we were young. Each one of our stories are unique, however each story is of the One story. Thats why when we hear someone sharing their own story so authentically we can all relate.

It’s the human story.

We are all Whole, and always have been whole. We will never be broken, although we’ve all been shattered.

This course is intended to be a tool, an offering, a small step towards working with the parts of ourself that have been shattered, broken and lost; the Real parts of ourself that we’ve been calling back. These parts of ourself are like a small, shy child who just needs to be fully seen, if only for one second. That mere second can change everything; does change everything.

One step, or one second is all it takes. Because it’s the ACT that counts. It’s the initial first step that speaks to the universe. When we show up, just for a second, we say (through our action), “Hey Universe, I am Ready.” And then it becomes about so much more than a course. So much more than 11 days. When we DECIDE to show up for ourself the universe conspires to bring that intention to fruition.


In this workshop we will explore:

Inner Child Work

Shadow Work

Unconscious Thought Patterns

Limiting Belief Systems

Defence Mechanisms

and more!


  • All you need is a wifi connection, 10-30 minutes a day, a willingness to shift your life, and a JOURNAL.

  • A lot of this workshop will entail journalling as there will be many journal prompts and questions to journal about.

  • This is a fully online workshop.

  • This workshop doesn’t ask too much from you. You get out what you put in, and in my experience, a little bit each day is much better than ALOT only once in a while.


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