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Trust and (True) Confidence are Everything

One of the biggest themes and lessons i've been learning in 2018 so far is to truly trust in mySelf. We can never trust if we are in a state of insecurity and unworthiness. Last May I set the intention to dive into my insecurity, get to the root of it, and to begin REALLY healing it. The reason I set that intention was because I wanted to become truly confident, but knew that if I didn't acknowledge my insecurity, I would never be confident. 

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Trust and Permission Connection

This week's theme is permission and when ponder permission I can't help but see how trust and permission are deeply connected. I am realizing that to give ourselves the permission we seek externally we must first learn how to trust ourselves. Trusting ourselves is a lost virtue these days as social media is in our face everyday with other people, doing other amazing things that make us question what we are doing, and what our worth is. I always like to say to myself  "Be inspired, but trust yourself."

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Trust as a Form of Honouring, Even When Our Path Doesn't Look like Anyone Else's

When we stop comparing our journey to other's we can fully be present with, and trust in the divine guidance that is literally always with us. When we can surrender to our beautiful path, that absolutely WILL NOT look like anyone else's than we give spirit and our soul the permission to align us deeper with our purpose and ultimate serving. When we trust we honour. When our intentions are in the deepest purity possible, how can we NOT trust? Spirit's totally got our back!

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