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Patience, Practice, Presence, and Perspective

These four words keep coming up for me. I am in the midst of a major death/birth cycle. In the inbetween. So unsure of what is coming, and not at all what I used to be. This happens to all of us. We haven't been taught the tools to navigate times like these so when people these days find them shifting identity, having ego deaths, or just changing as a person but having no clue who or what they are changing into it can be quite the crisis. It's hard. But it's growth.

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Daily Practice; For Being Centred and Rooted

Returning to a similar place daily, internally, and externally, keeps me in my centre; keeps me reminded of my strength, and keeps me aware of how much support I truly do have; that anytime I need extra help, all I have to do is ask.  The more consistent we become with our daily practice, the more we literally watch ourselves transform, the more trust we have in our practice; in ourselves.

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