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New Moon in Libra, October 12~13

This month let us be reminded that we are all reflections of each other, even our experiences. Our lives are mirroring each others. There is an undeniable interconnection between the space that 'separates' us. What I say is that you can't separate the inseparable. That's life; Inseparable. If we make the conscious choice to remind ourselves this daily, then each decision will be made a little bit differently than yesterday.

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New Moon + Solar Eclipse Sept.12~13th

This will be a time of deep purging on all levels. It may seem like a dark cloud is stationed directly in your ever so radiate light of soul, reflecting undeniable truths of shadows aspects of yourself. If we can look straight into this shadow, and work with it, rather than run away and hide, we will cruise through this new moon/eclipse. We are all feeling this, let us make a conscious choice to USE these energies.

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