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~Pine Tea: Embracing the Darkest time of the Year

The darkest time of the year can bring us down easily if we don't make extra efforts to connect with the natural world. I find making a priority, and discipline of getting outside mandatory or I get into a cycle of forgetfulness. Snowshoeing up a trail to find beautiful pine trees, collecting a few lovely ferns, and gathering some dead branches for art pieces are some of the most fulfilling ways to embrace winter. By taking the magic of Earth back into our homes via tea, art, or home decor allows us to live alongside the true wisdom and lessons of what that plant has to offer

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Remembering Nature's Harmony~

"All of life must be honored and protected again, allowed their natural source of shelter and nourishment. Since all of the living cosmos is connected, the Grandmothers teach that healing, quality of life, and spiritual evolvement are never separate from politics and consciousness. Culture that does not derive or base itself on nature’s harmony has no roots and can’t survive long."

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