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Learning Lessons / Intuition

It's okay to not know why things are happening, or why they happened to you. It's okay that you didn't know what you know now back then. It's okay that it's taken this long to see how strong you are. Sometimes we need a big slap in the face to show us how strong we are, and how much we truly HAVE to listen to our intuition. And sometimes we need to go against our intuition, fall into the pain, in order for the universe to show us how much our intuition is ON fucking POINT.

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Unfolding at Our Own Pace

Unfolding on our own time and journey. Realizing that the unfoldment is non-linear and to compare our journey with someone else is going to get us no where. We are all working on different lessons, and have so much to offer and share with each other. Some things come effortless to some, and take others years of self work to cultivate. 

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