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It's Not About Being Perfect, It's About Not Being Perfect

As I prepare to launch  From The Heart I am witnessing feelings of doubt, insecurity, not-enoughness and worry arising. There are what if's coming up that want to keep me held back from putting my vulnerable self out into the world. My "loyal soldier* (sub personality)" as Bill Plotkin calls it is trying to keep me safe so I don't traumatize my vulnerable, most authentic self in ways I did when I was an innocent, and extremely sensitive child. The more I tap into these feelings the more I realize that I MUST move forward, I must breakthrough, that these feelings no longer are going to have me by the ball and chain. The time is now for us to put our gifts out into the world.

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Heart Based Action is Enough

If it doesn't come from the heart, what worth is it? Just because certain practices work amazingly for some people, it doesn't mean that it will work the same way for everyone. I believe that the reason some modalities work so well for some is because they are taking action from their heart, instead of a place of guilt, or should. I have been realizing that the best results come from when we are inspired to take action, and surrender to whatever that action looks like.

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