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Daily Practice; For Being Centred and Rooted

Returning to a similar place daily, internally, and externally, keeps me in my centre; keeps me reminded of my strength, and keeps me aware of how much support I truly do have; that anytime I need extra help, all I have to do is ask.  The more consistent we become with our daily practice, the more we literally watch ourselves transform, the more trust we have in our practice; in ourselves.

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Doing the Work and Cultivating Daily Practice as Ground Work for Everything

I have come to realize that the work we do on ourselves is reflected in EVERYTHING. This is because EVERYTHING is a reflection of us: Relationships, business, clients, ect. The more we can clean up ourselves, look at our shadow and wounds, understand and ground into what we are worth, the more apt and capable we are to live a life that not only deeply serves us, but serves ALL.

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