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Patience, Practice, Presence, and Perspective

These four words keep coming up for me. I am in the midst of a major death/birth cycle. In the inbetween. So unsure of what is coming, and not at all what I used to be. This happens to all of us. We haven't been taught the tools to navigate times like these so when people these days find them shifting identity, having ego deaths, or just changing as a person but having no clue who or what they are changing into it can be quite the crisis. It's hard. But it's growth.

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Daily Rituals

When we commit to these daily rituals, we are saying yes to a part of ourselves that knows the bigger picture, that understands what we can not. We are creating healthy cycles by taking space each day for these rituals to happen. Its easier to stay on track, clear minded and focussed when we have our rituals.

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Fall Equinox Ceremony, September 23rd, 2015~

Fall represents water, emotions, the feminine, sunset, and the West, and moving into darkness. I can never say it enough; our lives are cycles. Cycles within cycles within cycles. Nothing is constant, except for constant change. The fall equinox marks the time of the year where we prepare to enter the dark. We are slowly moving into the shadow aspects of ourselves where we will begin to reflect on our past year. 

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