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Trust and (True) Confidence are Everything

One of the biggest themes and lessons i've been learning in 2018 so far is to truly trust in mySelf. We can never trust if we are in a state of insecurity and unworthiness. Last May I set the intention to dive into my insecurity, get to the root of it, and to begin REALLY healing it. The reason I set that intention was because I wanted to become truly confident, but knew that if I didn't acknowledge my insecurity, I would never be confident. 

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Stop, Reflect, Own, See

As we enter the darkest time of the year we are being asked to go inwards, to stop what we are doing, and melt into being. This time of year is the perfect for deep reflection, especially as we are coming closer to the end of 2017. It's a chance for us to take inventory to see how far we've come compared to last year, and to take note on what we've accomplished, internally and externally. The darkness is a time to be in the presence of our own darkness, our own unknown, and learn how to navigate.

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