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Alfalfa~Herb Highlight

hen we hear the word Alfalfa we usually associate it with the sprouts we find on sandwich and salads in health food stores and restaurants. Few of us would think directly to the plant that could even be growing in our backyard. Its luscious green leaves are packed with so many nutrients and the Arabs named it Alfalfa which is from a phrase that meant "father of all foods."

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Health Benefits of Astragalus Root

Astragalus also called Milk Vetch of Huang Qi is a type of bean or legume and has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has many uses and benefits but only recently has been gaining more attention in the west. The root is said to stimulate the immune system, works efficiently on the heart, and promotes longevity. 

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Herbal~Superfood Balls

Its the full moon today and what better way to celebrate than to make super energizing, healing and highly medicinal treats. These little guys are packed with so much nutrient density that they'll keep ya going for a the whole morning/afternoon.  I was looking through my cabinet full of ingredients, trying to conjure up that perfect recipe when I decided I am going to make two different kinds. 

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