Monday Intentions Fifty Three | Solstice Energy


The past few weeks and the weeks ahead of us are the longest days of the year, with the longest day being this Thursday, the Solstice. These are the days we look forward to all year long. The days where the sun doesn't set until 10pm and the light in our heart is on fire. This is Summer; the season that nourishes us so deeply, gives life to our dreams, and pours more energy than we can comprehend into us. Solstice is a time to radiate and shine forth our own light; our own unique gifts and embody our true self. We have come all this way, done so much deep inner work, and at the time around solstice it's the perfect time to share everything we've been up to. 


Solstice/Cancer Energy: I love the solstice, but what I love just as much as the solstice is that Cancer season is emerging. I have to say I feel that Cancer season has to be one of my favourite energies of the year. Its Summer, but it's also such a beautifully deep and emotional time and energy. My astrology doesn't flow with gemini season (although I LOVE gemini's). Every year I notice my pattern come up. Gemini is a time where I disconnect and do some shadowy work. Anyways, back to Solstice. It truly is time to radiate. It's the souls emergence, and a time to sink into our Self. 


Fest Prep: This week I am vending at my first festival ever and it will be the debut of a lot of the medicines i've been working on. Although I know that everything I've created will 100% evolve and change, I am so so exited to share with youeverything i've been working on and towards. So this week means a lot of preparation: labels, bagging and bottling products, prepping my tables, packing food, picking out clothes! Ill hopefully be sharing the journey on Instagram if there is wifi, so stay tuned.


Medicina: Like I mentioned above I have a festival coming up this weekend that I will be vending at. Any bit of free time I get I am either outside harvesting herbs or inside making labels. It's been a lot of work but I am so thankful to be approaching everything with ease, surrender, and peace. 


Friends: With the solstice energy in the air there is literally no better time than to put ourselves out there and share our hearts with friends. It's the perfect time to be seen, to see others, and celebrate one of the most magnificent times of the year!


Heartspace: And of course heartspace. Always setting the intention to BE from this space. The occupy my centre and move gracefully from here. 



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