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Oh my gosh everyone, Hello! It's been a while since I wrote one of these and I have been missing it. I have been missing writing and sharing my musings in general and am so ready to get back at it. Firstly I want to welcome you to me newly transformed website, and secondly to the new name I am working under.. ISLE ROSE. I've been sitting with different names for about four months now and finally I have decided. The decision has opened up a lot of space for me as I felt blocked in moving forward when I didn't have a name to work under. So hello. How have you all been? It's been months since I wrote my intentions with you, and I am going to keep at it because it really is a sacred practice that I enjoy sharing with you every week. xo


Coming Back: This is a big theme in my life. I feel I've strayed pretty far from my practice. And even when I do practice it seems as if there isn't a strong energy behind it. It's kind of like I am just doing it to do it. Learning a lot that the energy behind what and why we do things (the intention) is what actually matters. So whatever we are doing, it isn't necessarily the act of donning it that matters (it does a little bit), but the reason behind it is what will carry us forward. It's the combination of the intention, AND the practice that is the magic. It's kind of like a sacred marriage really. This is my deepest intention lately. To return to that marriage. To the strong practice and intention. I've been distracted lately, and feeling a little to "surfacey." I don't like the surface:


“I must be a mermaid, Rango.

I have no fear of depths and

a great fear of shallow living."

~Anais nin

Definitely relate to that quote. I LIVE for the magic and depth. Although I am not attached to it, I do however, believe that when we are living in alignment with our truth and purpose that the magic will naturally find us. Because I believe the magic is life. I believe the magic is natural, and a reflection of a life of alignment. This week I am making a bigger effort to show up to my practice with stronger intention, and purpose. I am sinking deeper into my heart, and truth. Sending unconditional love to myself for exactly where I am. 


Walking/Biking: Getting out for walks and bike rides is so healing for me. It allows me to see what flowers and plants are beginning to bloom, I get to notice each little change in the season and feel so beautifully apart of it. 


Surrender: This is another biggie. One that I've fallen away from. I was listening to a talk yesterday and he said real power is Surrender. It's Heart Power. The ego won't see it as power though. The ego will see it as weakness. Surrender is the opposite of control. The ego controls for power, the heart surrenders for power. This is why heart work is so important to me. I believe that the deeper we sink into our heart, the more we will live a life of love, beauty, magic, and wholeness. Surrender is scary though. It's unknown. Although, even when we stay in the "known," it's never actually known. It's just a sense of security because we "know it." Security is just as much as an illusion as the unknown is. 


Writing: Another thing i've been disconnected from. It's been a very interesting, and challenging time for me lately. Feeling so far away from myself. It's been uncomfortable but the past few days I've decided to push through. I realized that a lot of these ruts can be in the mind. And if we take the extra change to REALLY shift focus, to call on a diamond mind than we can rise above the negative mindsets that slowly creep in once in a while. I really haven't been writing as much as I normally do. If i'm not writing then you know something's up. Usually I am an overflowing fountain and so many things I want to write about. If nothing is coming through me that there is definitely something blocked. Making sure I spend more time writing this week.


Foraging: We are in full forage swing these days. There is something to do everyday whether it's gathering medicine, drying it, bottling up the dried herbs or making medicine. It's busy season! Today I am gathering more hawthorn, lilacs, and maybe raspberry. It's been a slow and cold Spring so far, really calling in the warmth.


Quiet and Stillness: Part of the reason my writing has came to halt is because I haven't been still enough for it to pour through me. Even though it's busy season, prioritizing REAL stillness is very important to my well being. This is where my service is rooted. This is how I create and be the most potent medicine. 


Heartspace: As always, working deeper everyday to sink into my heart a little more each day.



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