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Ahh what a week! Or last few months should I say. I can't even believe everything I've been through since the beginning of 2018. Holy cow! Intentions are powerful. Once they are set they have a mind of their own. When it's time to change, when it's time die, it's really time. We don't have an option or choice. It happens to us. I look back to my intentions, my bigger ones in particular and they hold immense amount of energy. We never know how the universe is going to unfold them for us. For me, it's been stirring up everything in my life. This month in particular so far has been birthing some of the deepest work I've ever done. It's been a time of deep surrender. It's a time of BEING in the unknown. It's a time of surrounding to the fucked up-ness of the way life moves. To the fact that things could be a whole lot worse than me being in the unknown. In the unknown is where the most magic happens. The rug gets pulled from underneath our feet sometimes, especially when we need to be on a truer soul path than the one we thought we were on. 


Growth is Not Linear: This morning as I was sitting with my cacao and pondering, I started thinking about growth. And how the people that we are most inspired by didn't just BECOME overnight. They went through huge rites of passages, initiations, and unknown times. The people who are embodying aspects that we would like to embody didn't harness those skills overnight. Nothing is instant. Everything takes practice. We are all in different places, harnessing different skills on our journey. There are so many ways to do the work. And it's always important to remind ourselves that we are allllll doing different work because none of us have the same wounds. We can't compare where we are to someone else. Their journey is THEIR journey. Our journey is OUR journey. No one is better, no one is worse. I look at the work that I am doing these days and I am floored at it's depth. I could not possibly imagine doing this work 3 or 4 years ago. I had no concept of it. And I imagine in another 3 or 4 years i'll be doing work that I can't grasp right now. I am learning to be more humble, and more humble. I am learning to look at my elders, and the people that inspire me with so much respect for the deep work they do. For the showing up, and commitment that they make. Because it isn't easy. To walk this path takes strength, humility, and deep integrity. I am working on loving where I am, and really SEEing where I am. Feeling enough where I am, and honouring how far I actually have come. 



Sisters and Cycles of Beauty: Oh my gosh guys. Katlin and I are so, so excited to be beginning this beautiful journey this Sunday, on the New Moon. I feel this is the beginning of something so much more, and that the spirit of our sacred Island is guiding us women to gather together in honour of her, and her medicine. When women gather together in circle, we transform the world. What we do together as women is more than we know, and I truly hope you join us for this gathering of medicine women. 



Self Care: I've been being hard on myself. Feeling like I should be doing more, like I should be making more money, getting ahead, sorting my life out, etc, ect, ect. But yesterday, in meditation I was told/reminded that I am doing work at a level I never have and that the most important thing for me to do is to take care of myself. To nurture myself as I transform. Spirit assured me that I am exactly where I need to be, and I am actually in a much more vulnerable state than I give myself credit for. So I am setting the intention to just honour that, and TRUST my process. 



Medicine Making: I have so much medicine in the making right now. The medicine that I feel guided to share with you all is much different in the past. It truly is an expression of my soul, my practice, and my love. I am beyond stoked to see what it unfolds, and the other medicine that will be birthed through me. Stay tuned this week, especially on Instagram for some updates!!


Kundalini Yoga: Guys!! I just passed the 6 Month mark of my Sat Kriya practice. I began with the intention of completing a 40 day meditation challenge, since I had never actually finished one. Today is day 184. Almost five 40 day challenges IN A ROW. I have been moving up in time every 40 day challenge, and soon ill be turning it up to 11 minutes. It's been amazing to watch myself through these six months. My whole life has changed. Everything IS changing. The longer I do this practice, the deeper I commit to this path. So grateful. It's not easy to show up everyday, but as Yogi Bhajan, and my friend Monica say "Keep up and you'll be kept up." I'm in it. No quitting now. I feel the deeper I go into it, the farther away the idea of quitting is. It's like "well i've came this far, it would be absolutely ridiculous to quit now." 


Heartspace: As always, sinking deep into the heart. Deep into truth, and deep into surrender. Living from the heartspace is medicine for these times. Our culture needs it. We have been taught to be in our minds, and outside of our body and feeling for our whole lives. And look where it's took us. It's time to come home into the heart, into our Self, into who we actually are. 



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