Monday Intentions Fifty One | Facing Fear


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great week last week and enjoyed the powerful new moon! Also Mercury is FINALLY out of retrograde. What is flowing in your life? What isn't so much in the flow? What are your desires at the moment? Where and what are your blockages? How does timing play into all of this? Are you stepping out of your comfort zone and facing fears? A little bit more each day? These are the questions I am pondering within myself this week. I am feeling ready to step deeper into my fears, surrendering to the outcome, for I know that the actual act of facing my fear speaks so much louder than any "what if" possibility. 


Facing Fear: My fears have kept me paralyzed for so long. There is no way I can move forward without facing my them now. I honestly can't believe it's taken me so long to address how intensely my fears have had me by the ball and chain; obeying them like a domesticated animal. Setting the strong intention to continue to face my fears and ground deep into the truth of who I am. Fears like to think they are keeping us safe. But what are they keeping us "safe" from? I'm at the point where I feel and believe that whatever my fears are keeping my safe from I can actually handle. That any "failure" that my fears want to stop before they have a chance to begin that I am actually more capable of handling than my fears give me credit for. 


Self Love: I have been loving myself so much lately. Truly practicing self compassion and sending deep love to all that I am. I am learning to love myself for my greatness, and my smallness. Choosing that both are worthy of love. This has been helping me love other people in that way. Feeling their deserving of love, no matter what. It's important for me to remind myself that even when that nastier sides of myself come out that I am still worthy and capable of being loved. The fact that I am learning to truly feel that helps me give others love when their nastier sides come out too. 


Dream Seeding: I find myself spending a lot of time contemplating what my ideal life would look like. Pondering what my dream life and days would feel and flow like. I like to take time to write it all out and see how I can bridge the gap between where I am now, and where i'd like to be. It takes time. It takes confidence. It takes hunger, and deep desire too. You have to WANT it.  We can have anything that we reallllllly want. When we have a hunger burning within us we can make anything happen. There is definitely a big responsibility that comes with living our dream life. It means we need to take full responsibility for ourselves, which most people don't want to do that. 


Business from the Heart: I have a really awesome workshop coming up this Saturday that I would love you all to come to. Learn More. 


Nature: Getting out and honouring the Season feels really important to me, and also it's been something i've been resisting. 


Medicina: Keep up with instagram stories this week folks! There will be some new medicine coming out that I am super excited about! 


Doin' the work: I haven't been as present online or on my blog lately as I've been doing some amazing inner work, and honestly just being more present with myself. I have made incredible breakthroughs lately and am feeling fresh! Ill be sharing some of my realizations and revelations soon. 




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