Monday Intentions Forty Nine | The Art of Shadow


Happy Monday friends! Ill just be honest right away, I am feeling a little but uninspired lately, and kind of down. Lately has been a time of deep shadow work, and healing for me. Throughout the years I have noticed that the seasonal transition between Winter and Spring is the hardest for me. From dark to light. From seed to sprout. This is apart of the growth process, apart of the shedding, and coming into wholeness. This is apart of the human experience. I am imagining it as a scale (Libra Full Moon Relevant), and I imagine that the light and dark are in a balance. I imagine the deeper we go into the darkness, the brighter our light can shine. It's almost as if when we can courageously traverse our shadow we are similtanesouly training ourselves to be capable of radiating our stronger light. It takes courage to do both; shine our light, and navigate our shadow. And I believe that traversing our shadow comes first. More on this in this weeks intentions:


The Art of Shadow: It's a weird passion, but none the less a passion of mine to do shadow work. I believe it's the some of the hardest and deepest work we can do. We cast into our shadow everything that was shamed in our early ages, and often times later in life too. The things we cast into our shadow aren't always dark thought, and in fact, most of the time it's our gifts being sent there. The aspects of ourselves that were unique or "weird" that maybe our parents felt uncomfortable with, or that they imagine the world would feel uncomfortable with. But you know what, our world has been comfortable for too long. And it's time we dig into our shadows and begin the PROCESS of loving theses shamed aspects back into life. And it is truly a process. It can't happen over night. It won't happen overnight. Safety is a huge part of welcoming home the shame. The parts of ourselves that we shamed have been taught that the world is unsafe to embody these traits, that if we do embody these aspects that we will be hurt, unloved, and shunned. I am learning to nurture the parts of myself that i've shunned for most of my life, I am learning to hold these parts and reassure them they are safe, and that it's okay to be here. This is a major intention of mine lately. To go in there. To dive deep. To ask others what they see. Baby step after baby step. When it comes to shadow work it doesn't have to be big huge leaps, one tiny baby step IS a leap.


Death Work/Grieving Old Selves: This is along the lines of shadow work, but also different. We all know when it's time to let something (or someone) go. Even if it's ourself. We grow out of ourselves, much like a snake sheds it's skin. I am shedding a skin right now. Giving death to one of mySelves. This morning I began letting her go. Reassuring her of how grateful I am of where she took me, how strong she is, and that I appreciate every single aspect of the worlds she lived. But also knowing, deeply, that it's time for me to move on. So I grieved her, I honoured her, and I let her go. This is another thing that doesn't happen overnight. Just like when we lose somebody to physical death, we must grieve. Even ourselves.


Sisters and Cycles of Beauty: I am loving the theme of this weeks intentions so far. Death and Rebirth. CYCLES. Everything is cycles. Every single thing. Katlin and I are so excited to share in circle, and sisterhood our practices surrounding all kinds of cycles. The cycles of the Earth, the moon, our womb, and growth cycles in general. We are learning about the cycles of plants, their medicine, ceremony, and honouring our sacred bodies. Learn more HERE.


Passion/Creativity: Calling in a deeper feeling of fire and passion. As the blossoms begin to burst open I want to harness some of that sacred energy myself, and burst open too! 


Flow: Tuning back into a more feminine way of living. Letting go of so much structure and allowing things to flow in the way they need to flow, while also staying rooted:

“Imagine being a sea plant growing from the ocean floor. You are both rooted and flowing, solidly anchored in something immense and unfathomable—Earth Itself—yet also apart of a vast liquid medium that sways and whirls. You roll and surge with deep-sea currents, neither resisting nor insisting. Submitting to the push and pull of ocean tide and current, you trust this larger being to animate you in a way that best serves your unfolding. Your roots, sunk in bottomless sands,draw up nutritive elements that energize your life. The water supports your limps, graciously.” ~ Bill Plotkin


Heartspace: As always, setting the STRONG intention to BE in the sacred centre. The heart. 





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