Trust and (True) Confidence are Everything


One of the biggest themes and lessons i've been learning in 2018 so far is to truly trust in mySelf. We can never trust if we are in a state of insecurity and unworthiness. Last May I set the intention to dive into my insecurity, get to the root of it, and to begin REALLY healing it. The reason I set that intention was because I wanted to become truly confident, but knew that if I didn't acknowledge my insecurity, I would never be confident. 

As I continue to let the process of healing my insecurities unfold I realize that there is nothing more powerful than trust in and of who are are. We are taught our whole life to doubt. Which is such a sin. Because being taught to doubt is only another form of insecurity.. being projected on to us from society. When I take an eagles eye view of the whole situation it is pretty eye opening; We are all walking around projecting our doubt (insecurity) onto another's doubt, which is making us all even more insecure. The practice then is to come into Self. Come into knowing; the knowing of who we are. When we know who we are we can trust in that. At our core, at our deepest centre there is only truth, and in truth there is no doubt. When we can embody this type of security, and this type of trust that is when the real power is born. 

When we practice releasing doubt and insecurity we come to realize that it was never ours in the first place. We aren't born doubting. We aren't born insecure. It was taught onto us. Which means we can let it go. Which means at our core is trust. Trust is real. Trust is the root at anything and everything we ever want to see in our lives. Trusting our process. Trusting our unfoldment. Trusting our gifts. Trusting our creativity. 

Comparing will always initiate more doubt and insecurity, which is why social media can make us fall even deeper into this trap. I don't believe we need to stop being on social media. But I do believe we need to stop putting the people we see online on pedestals as if they are better, or have more to offer than us. I truly believe we all have sacred gifts to share, and I believe the people we put on pedestals are just owning and trusting in theirs. It's a practice. We need to deeply believe that we DO have beauty inside of us to truly trust and be confident in ourselves. If we don't believe that, then that's what we need to work on. 

To cultivate trust and confidence is to begin to deeply know who we are. No one can take that away from us. That is power. That is beauty. True confidence isn't about being better or less than anyone. True confidence is equality. It is knowing and seeing that everyone has the sacred within them. I say to myself.. be inspired, but trust yourself. We are always the ones we are looking for externally. The people we are inspired by are merely reflections of certain aspects that we have inside of us that we are growing into. 

Trust is a big theme we will be working with in my upcoming workshop From the Heart. Hope you join us on the New Moon, March 17th!