Monday Intentions Forty Eight | Turning(Seeking) Only Inwards


Happy Week! Can you believe we are in the last week of March?! Time has been flying, as it always does. This past week was both beautiful, and slightly draining. Mercury has stationed retrograde and I definitely feel the pull inwards, to slow down, rest, complete unfinished business, and to tie up loose ends. I feel that this Mercury Retrograde is a full completion for me. Kind of like the World card in the tarot. Like a cycle is complete, that after the retrograde, and on the New Moon in April (April 15.. also the day Sister and Cycles of Beauty begins) that I, too, will be emerging anew. I feel relieved knowing I have the whole retrograde to go in be in retrospect, to deep reflection of past lessons, while simultaneously setting big intentions for whats to come. Anything coming up for you from the retrograde so far? 


Turning(Seeking) Only Inwards:  This is a biggie. I am being reassured and shown more everyday that *most* answers I am looking for are inside of me. And cliche as it sounds, but most things i'm looking for are inside. I have this image that keeps coming up in meditation and  it's teaching me so much. Imagine laying down and you are looking for something, but the way you are looking for it is with your hands, and you have like 10 hands that are all looking and searching at the same time. Now imagine that the only way to ever find what the hands are looking for is to stop reaching all together. To relax. Deeply relax. And Be. And Allow. Allow what you are looking to come to you. Through presence, through knowing, through surrender. The reaching not only drains our energy, but it also gets us no where. I am setting the intention to really work on letting go of reaching and instead replace the reaching with deep surrender. And knowing that the answers and guidence i'm after are right here with me when I can finally just relax into myself. 


Doing the Work: I am knee deep in doing some amazing clearing work and reprogramming. I've really set some strong intentions to break though so major blockages that have been keeping me held back for way too long. I am SO damn committed to this work, and have committed deeper over these past few days. I can feel my whole being expanding. I am trusting MY process more than ever, and letting go of caring so much about what others think of my process.. ESPECIALLY others projected limiting beliefs. 


One on One Sessions: It's very clear that I am to begin offering one on one sessions again. I am SO excited about this. All the work I am to help others with is diving deeper into the heart, and living more from our authentic expression of being. I am teaching about how we get in our own ways, and also how to truly tap into our inner voice rather than looking outside of ourselves for, anything, really. Working with me will be a step in the direction of turning inside of YOURself. 


NATURE: I've been finding this seasonal transition kind of difficult. I feel my routine is shifting, and that it's time for some changes. I do love routine and structure, but I thrive when I switch up my routine and structure with the seasons (even though I resist it.) And with that being said, I've been resisting going out and spending quality time in nature, as we all resist what we need most at times haha. 


Heartspace: I have been a little more in my head that normal. Setting the intention to really sink back into a deep, deep heartspace. 


Sisters and Cycles of Beauty: Join my sister Katlin and I in a sacred container of connection with ourselves, the Earth, each other and all the beautiful cycles in between April 15 ( the new moon). 



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