Sisters and Cycles of Beauty | April 15 - May 27

Collage:  Floral Anatomy  

Collage: Floral Anatomy 

Sisters and Cycles of Beauty



Join Emily and Katlin Doyle for a journey through the seasons and cycles, while we connect and relate with ourSelf, each other, and the Earth through beautiful, magical, medicinal and magnificent cycles. 

We will have a group each season. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. You can choose to sign up for one season, all seasons, 2 seasons, ect. It is up to you. We will meet once every two weeks and also have an intimate shared online presence and guidance. 

Our bodies are the Earth. We go through shifts and cycles just like the Earth. Her rhythm is our rhythm. In circle we can embrace this song, become aware of our dance and use our knowledge and awareness to come into deeper communion with ourself, our community and the Earth. 

We will study all things:

- internal & external -



• Each month will have a powerful theme

• Edible and Medicinal Plants of PEI and how to form a Relationship with them

• Growing with the Earth. We will have discussions each gathering to see where we are, where we are going, how we will get there and how we can support each other along the way

• Cacao Ceremony + Heart Work

• Menstruation and Womb Work

• Sacred Beauty Rituals- At home and within nature

• Seasonal Ceremony/Rituals to Honour the Turns of the Wheel:
      Summer Solstice
      Fall Equinox
      Winter Solstice

• Learning and Living within the Elements:

• Lunar and Solar Wisdom, Astrology + The Zodiac and it's effects on us through the year

• Council Circle - Intimate sharing circle on changing, powerful topics, and the theme of that month

• Intention Setting throughout the Seasons

• Living from the Heart and in Divine Purpose and how that can impact the world around us

• Eating Seasonally and Learning about Nutritious Foods

This is a sacred spaced rooted in the heart of intuition, guided by the energetic movements of the collective. We will grow and expand as a circle within the greater whole of creation. We will flow with divine guidance, and move with the tides of the sea. We will dance with the moon and her cycles as her children, as her stewards- becoming the reflection of her rhythms.

Your energetic exchange:
$220 per Season
or $650 for all Seasons

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