Redefining "Work"


We all have beliefs about how work should look like, how work needs to done and also when work needs to be done. I have been redefining what work is to me over the past few years, and today I was really told (from Spirit/Universe) that my number one priority is my "soul work." Which for me that looks like connection with nature and plants, it's silence in nature, it's foraging, and contemplation. Out in nature is where my mind stills. Where the chatter of my brain softens and my inner landscape becomes as open as the landscape I am in. This is where nature speaks to me. Speaks through me. This is my work. Sometimes I try to force this work through me without doing the actual work. Because I feel guilty. I feel guilty about prioritizing nature time ahead of "work" time because there are parts of me that question that nature time is actually work time, because it doesn't look like conventional work. Where in truth, the most potent medicine, which is my true work, comes from being in nature. Almost as if my work, message, and gifts reside in nature and my duty is to go be there. Truly be there, and that is where I will know how and when to take my next steps. 

My heart is nature. Nature is the heart. I believe that our heart and the Earth are more connected than we can imagine. I compare Earth to the Heart of the cosmic chakra system. So when we connect with our own Heart, while connecting with the Earth, we are tapping into the heart of the universe. The Heart of the cosmos. We are aligning with energies and healing far beyond what we can imagine. From this space we know (a deep knowing) what matters, what is truth, what is false, what is ego, and what is Real. This space is the most important space to take action from. But it is this space, and this way of being that I am still learning to not feel guilty for if I prioritize it, if I make it my number one. Although I can mentally understand and see that it needs to be. I know many of you feel similar. Or maybe you have never thought in this way before? Maybe you have never thought that nourishment of the soul, nourishment of the heart and spirit is a prerequisite of living, being and offering our soul gifts.

It takes time. It takes practice. It takes re-programming. With intention, patience, and diligently showing up in the ways that are real to us we can shift our beliefs around this topic, that ever so intensely affects our everyday life. 

In From the Heart we have a whole section on re-defining. Hope you join us!