Monday Intentions Forty Seven | Honouring Truth


Hello Beauties! How was your week? My week was filled with expansion, revelations, and true leaping(see last weeks intentions*). I am so thrilled with how From the Heart is going so far, and feel grateful for all the lovely souls in our group. I am ready for Aries season, I am ready for Spring, I feel the shift of the seasons, I feel creativity and passion bubbling, and am so so excited about the what the future holds. This week is another week of expansion as I have some really cool things happening which you will learn more about soon. But first, this week's intentions:


Honouring Truth: My kundalini practice is changing my life. I've been chanting Sat Nam for almost 160 days consecutively. Sat Nam means Truth is my identity. Truth. Chanting these words has been teaching me about truth. The truth of myself, and truth in general. I am seeing with clearer eyes that truth really is truth. And seeing where programming, wounds, habits i've taken on from my parents, ect are playing MAJOR roles in keeping me held back from expressing my truth. I feel it's really important to get to know our truth. And I guess that means getting to know who we TRULY are. When we can meet ourselves, really meet ourselves, at least we can rise above the programming. And that doesn't mean its gone. It just means we can finally see it, instead of BE defined as it. When we have a clearer understanding of our highest selves, we can navigate our wounds and programming with a refined angle. With deeper compassion, and understanding of who we really are we become empowered to stand stronger in and of ourselves. This is what I will continue to honour this week. Sat Nam.


Medicine Making: I feel the medicine so deeply in me. Over the past few months as i've taken a step back from selling my products I have been feeling the plants and medicine inside of me so strongly. I have been receiving wonderful feedback from anybody that has taken the medicine i've made, and people asking for more. I haven't stopped taking my own personal medicine, and have watched my practice deepen. I am so so so excited to begin to offer my products again, and of course they will be so so different than they used to be. 


Nature: I love being apart of the seasonal changes. Even though Canada is still cold, and has snow on and off, I can FEEL the Sun's heat. I can SEE new growth trying to begin. I can HEAR the birds, SMELL the freshness, and TASTE Spring more everyday. Spring truly is a sensual experience. It's stimulating


Spring/Health: The greens re-emerge from their slumber in Spring. When we eat seasonally and with the Earth it is by no surprise at all that eating fresh greens is a major part of Spring eating. It's when we need it the most. Our ancestors would have been so ready for fresh greens after probably having none for the whole winter. 


Sisters and Cycles of Beauty: My lovely sister and I have an exciting offering happening beginning on the New Moon in April! We are traversing the cycles of the Earth in relation to ourselves, and each other! If you are on the Island join us!! Sisters and Cycles of Beauty


Heartspace / Inner Voice/ Body Speaks: Oh and the lovely heartspace. I compare listening to the heartspace to listening to an inner voice. It's like intuition, but deeper, and louder. Our inner voice is our bodies voice. And when our body speaks. I have some medicine in the making for really coming INTO the body. Can not wait to share with you!



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