Patience with Unfolding + What is Still With Us Through it All


This path is so ever unfolding. The question I have been pondering lately is what is still with me? What is with me year, after year, after year. What has fallen away and what is still here?  Our growth is slow, and forever. On the journey towards Self many things will come and go; and just because some things leave us doesn't mean they didn't serve great purpose. If you are confused with our path, if you are confused on where you are going, and if you are questioning if you have anything to offer the world at all I implore you to look around and see what has been with you through it all. This could be yoga, it could be a dire interest in painting, or nutrition. It could be the love of nature, or walking, ect. What is still with you, year after year? 

There is humility in becoming.. for to truly become, we must honestly BE where we are. The only way we will ever move 'forward' is to embrace and honour where we are. Yes, our blocks can be frustrating and painfully slow to work through, yes it would be nice somedays to not have to show up and do the work, but this is a way of honouring the Great Spirit, and the Universe who is supporting our healing, supporting our unfolding. We are always right on time. We are always exactly where we are supposed to be. Challenges are apart of the path. Challenges present themselves to ask us to respond with grace, to respond with integrity, to respond with patience, and humility. The Challenges are our tests to practice our growth. They are almost like markers of measurement from the universe asking us to use all the work we've been doing. And in truth challenges are only present to continue to take us closer to who we truly are.

It's important to step back and remember we are doing our  best. It's important to let go of comparing especially if we are learning how to love ourselves for exactly where we are, and see that it is enough. I also believe it's important to stay diligent with the work. With taking note on what is around us throughout it all.. especially if we are confused or questioning our path. So ask yourself:

What have I left behind me?

What have is still with me?

What has always been with me?

And if you'd like to ask more of the deeper questions, join us in From the Heart.