Monday Intentions Forty Six | Taking Up Space


Hello Beauties! I hope you all had a fantastic week. Are you enjoying Pisces season? What has been coming up for you? Big transformative energies arrived last week when Jupiter went retrograde in Scorpio. They say it's like Christmas, with gifts, but in a really intense and not so easy to see way. Kind of like China for me. A gift that didn't feel like a gift. But a gift none the less. 2018 is off to a very fast beginning isn't it! This week we will be half way through March ?! Part of my upcoming writing workshop, From the Heart we will be getting down to what we truly want and need and learning how we can focus on our top priorities so we can embody our purest/wholest/realest self for the rest of the year, and for ever. I never enjoy looking back at the end of a year and feeling as if I didn't use my time wisely. Usually when we aren't using our time wisely we are unsure of our priorities and where we NEED to be putting our energy. It requires deep self inventory to know at our core where we NEED to priortize our time. Where we need to  spend less time (phones for probably all of us), and just where to say no, and set boundaries. Im pondering and feeling into this this week as I finish up the final touches of From the Heart.


Taking Up Space: My theme, and one of my main intentions not only for this week.. but until it doesn't need to be anymore. This past week I was shown how afraid I am to take up space. And how often I will just step back, stay small (out of fear), but I used to play victim, and convinced myself that I didn't need to take up space. Now writing about it, it's almost as if I felt that I felt unworthy of taking up space. I realize all of this sounds crazy, and it is. But this is the journey. Uncovering what we need to heal. Recognizing what is blocking our flow, and releasing it. Me having the courage to take up space is a biggie. My ego used to convince me that I had nothing worth sharing, and convinced me that everybody already knew anything that I was going to say (????) and so I would stay small. I am saying Hell no to this. I am taking up the space I deserve now. 


From the Heart: I am beyond (BEYOND) thrilled to be beginning our  From the Heart  journey this week. On the New Moon to be exact. This Saturday. I've been working away at for a few weeks, and channelling the questions through me in divine timing. We will be writing, and diving into ourselves beginning on the new moon, but also through the Spring Equinox, which to me, feels like a new year. It's the beginning of Spring. It's East on the medicine wheel. East on the medicine wheel is where ceremony always begins. Spring is when the plants come back. It's their rebirth, and it's ours too. I really hope you join us


Grounding: Pisces season can be very ungrounded. It is the last sign in the zodiac. It is one of the most "out there" signs and can really take us out of our body. I believe it's important to go to those places, but also believe that we need to take extra time to ground down, and come back into our bodies. With the days getting (a little bit) warmer we can most likely find spaces without snow (or even if they have snow) to plant our feet onto the Earth and just let go. Just let the Earth bring us deeply back into our bodies, as we connect with her body. 


Action: Taking action is a huge aspect of manifestation and creating the life we want to live. I find it easy to download ideas from my intuition from action is something I am learning to get better at it. Which what it comes down to is facing my fears more and more. Not letting fear control me. 


Courage/Trust:  This goes with the above a bit. I am really calling on the courage and trust in and of myself as I begin to follow my intuition in ways I've never imagined. I feel the beauty so deeply, and I feel so guided, and on my path, but also I see the areas where I truly do need to trust, and just have courage to break past some of the major fears that have kept me held back for ages. When we are coming from the heart though, there is no reason to be afraid. Our heart will always be our safe space. Our heart will always guide us to where we need to be (even if the path looks unusual and sometimes scary.) 


Heartspace: As always heartsapce and going deeper into my heart is an intention. I feel this will always be an intention of mine. 


Nature: The best remedy. The elder I seek guidance and healing from. My mother, my teacher. My altar. Everything. 



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