Monday Intentions Forty Five | Leaping


My heart is feeling so grateful for this past week. Thank you to everyone who already signed up for From the Heart and thank you to those who are yet to sign up. I am feeling so inspired, so creative, and so excited to be putting something so close to my heart out into the world. I am beginning to believe that The China Experience (as I will call it now lol) was divinely orchestrated by my guides to show me that "worst case scenario" experiences aren't even thatttt bad, and that I can handle fear in a totally different way than ever before. Which is why it is easier for me to put my true heart's work out into the world because I think to myself.. can it really be worse than the China experience? haha no! So I don't have any excuse not to do it. To be completely honest, putting our true hearts work out into the world isn't even a "bad" thing. It's just scary because of the idea of rejection. Especially rejection if it's our soul work that people are rejecting. But on the other end of the spectrum is the question "what if it's completley received/ and more than received, what if it really helps people?" I believe that when we  are *truly* coming from our heart then the ones who hear are the ones who are meant to hear. Even if no one hears I believe we must continue to be diligent in speaking and being in our truth. This is one of the main intentions I put together From the Heart. Firstly because it was a direct intuitive download, and secondly because it's time to speak my truth (something i've always feared.) Hope you hear the call


Leaping: When it's time to leap, it's time to leap. We will know. We will know all throughout our body because of the thought of going back to how things used to be just feels wrong, it feels backwards, and like an internal no. This was the point of the China Experience for me. It pushed me so far away from me offering my gifts to show me how it's time/important/needed for me to share my gifts and it's my only option right now. My spirit brought me to China, to hate it, to have a worse case scenario experience for me to firstly, make the scary decision (leap) to come home, and then gave me the perfect time/space to share my gifts. It was a strong internal yes that I could not say no to. When the idea for the online workshop From the Heart came through me, I had chills all through my body and I just knew I had to do it. It didn't matter if anyone signed up at all. Because it was about me. It's about me doing this act, as a leap within myself. This new moon writing course is my offering, not only as my service, but to show the universe and spirit that I am ready. That I commit. That I am ready to leap, and listen to the medicine that wants to be shared through me. Thats why I didn't even choose any of the questions. These questions chose me. I just go out into nature and ask... "What is question number 1.. 2.. 3?"  and I trust. These are questions I need/must answer myself too. I truly hope you join us  on the New Moon. Such a powerful way to begin a new cycle.. and a new season. 


Less is More: Specifically talking about food here. I am focussing on incredibly nutrient dense meals this week. When we eat meals that are high in nutrient density we actually feel hungry less often as hunger is usually just our ache for nutrients. Every meal I have will be made with the highest regard of intentional nutrition.. to the best of my ability. We don't need to eat huge meals, we don't need as much food as we think we do. If I eat TWO highly nutrient dense meals, lots of water, big herbal infusions and some snacks I feel more energized and clear that if I eat more food. We often are told to eat a certain amount of food, at certain times with less regard to nutrition and listening to our bodies. But lets be honest... who doesn't feel better when they aren't over full and groggy? Less really is more when it comes to food. Eat smart! 


Values-Confidence, Consistency, Showing Up, Discipline, Owning, Heart-Centred, Authenticity: This one is a biggie. I believe that we are inspired by the people who are embodying the qualities we value and the qualities we are working on and towards. This is different for everyone. Everyone has values and qualities they are working towards, and they will not look like mine, or yours, or the other guys. It's important to be clear on what we value. For me it's authenticity, people who show up consistently, dicipline, heart-centred, ect. I look to the people who are embodying these traits better than me for guidance and assistance. This is a great way to find mentors and teachers. I believe we need to be very wary on who we deem as teachers. We need to listen to the guidance of people who are walking their talk. Embodying their wisdom. I am very careful on who I listen to. I am always reminded that "the ego shouts, the heart whispers." There are a lot of shouters out there. In the end, WE are who we are looking for. SO cliche, but so true. I believe if we work on embodying what we value, trusting ourself, and radically honouring the guidance from with in  we will be well on our way. What do you value? Who is embodying those qualities? And what action steps can you take to embody them more yourself?


Creativity: Feeling SO creative lately! I have so many ideas, visions, and exciting things in the offing! Most of the creative energy I am feeling is by turning inwards and trusting. For so long I didn't believe that I was creative. But as I let go of doubt, and harness trust in and of myself I am realizing that I am actually majorly creative and so visionary!!


Podcasts/AudioBooks/Inspiration: Been really inspired by listening to podcasts and hearing great conversations. Lately i've been spending my free time listening to either podcasts or audiobooks on topics like trauma, bees, plant spirit medicine, communication, and just healing in general. There are so many people in this world we can learn from! 


Medicine Making: Gosh! The birds are chirping every morning, and the days are getting longer. It's so exciting. I am feeling the call deeply from the plants. There won't be any up yet, but I am still beginning my medicine making and can't wait to offer some exciting new stuff to you guys!


Heartspace: As always, working everyday on BEing in my heart, healing my heart, opening my heart and living in this sacred space. Working with my heart, and getting to know my heart has been one of the most beneficial practices and journey I have embarked on. Join me in From the Heart to initiate you own Heart Practice. 


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