Monday Intentions Forty Four | Nurture, Nourish, Accept, Act


Hi Friends! I hope you had a wonderful week. I definitely did, quite liberating to be honest. So many beautiful realizations, moments of clarity, and feelings of pure gratitude. A lot of what I realized was how true it is that we are enough, as we are, right now. I see how important it is to embrace and accept who are NOW before we can move forward at all. This takes incredible honesty, and also so much self love. But its also a relief in a way because we can just let go, we can cut the bullcrap, we can just BE. I believe there are two types of letting go, and they both come back to intention. The type of letting go i'm speaking of above in the sense that you let the 'trying' go in order to BE what you already are is with the intention of growth, surrender, radical acceptance with trust that by doing so you will inevitably unfold into the truth of yourself. The other type where I can see where it might get confusing is lettttttting go.  Letting go of taking care of Self, sinking into bad habits, and patterns. Letting all forms of self-dicipline go. This isn't letting go at all. This is a form of clenching. This is a sure fire way to build a brick wall around growing in any direction at all. And it is rooted in fear. We are setting strong intentions this week, rooted in courage and love. This week is all about nurturing, nourishing, accepting and acting. 


Nurture, Nourish, Accept, Act: These words are the theme of my intentions this week as I find they simplify the energy I want to bring into this week very well. For me, Self Nurturing and Nourishing comes first. I am the epitome of someone who needs to make sure their own cup is full(at least somewhat) before I can share. I need to first show up for myself before I can show up for others. 

These words are not just about myself though, they are just as much about ideas and projects. I have some incredibly exciting things happening behind the scenes right now ( From The Heart being one of them). I realize that when ideas come, especially ones that feel so RIGHT in our heart that we must nurture them into being, nourish them as they are growing, accept their growth time, and take appropriate action in due time. I've had a difficult time following through with ideas in the past. Mostly because fear, feeling unworthy, and self doubt. I would also get overwhelmed when I would look at the whole project and see how much work it would take to finish, instead of being present in each moment, day by day, step by step. With practice though I see how liberating it is to take baby steps, to accept where I am, to take action from where I am instead of getting so far ahead of myself that I freeze and don't make any progress.  


Discipline: I believe discipline is freedom. I read once that 'discipline is only discipline until it's habit.' I ponder this often, looking at the things I do where people remark 'oh wow you have so much discipline' and I just think 'actually it's what I want to do, it isn't discipline at all, more so a habit!' It's important to me to look at the activities, skills, and ways I want to spend my time and discipline myself enough to make sure I do those things at least 80% of the time. I don't believe we need to be perfect 100% of the time, but I do believe it's important to say yes to our higher yes, to what we really really want most of the time. This takes practice.. it takes discipline. If we REALLY want something we can have it, we can do it, we can create it. Only if we REALLY want it. When we really want something it takes less discipline, because they discipline turns into DRIVE, it turns into passion, power, excitement, and adrenialine. 


 Listening: I know I've talked about this a few times, but it is crystal clear how important listening to my intuition and heart is. I deeply believe that if we want to live our purest, most aligned life, we need to radically listen and follow our intuition. Even my guidance to China was intuitive. I had three weeks while my visa was being processed to say no, but no "no" ever came through. China was apart of my path. A way for my soul to create the space I needed to leap, to make radical heart decisions, to show we what I am not compromising ever again, and to show me what I'm worth. For so long I denied my intuition, denied what I was capable of and ignored the messages of my intuition. I had no clue the importance of listening to the subtle, sacred wisdom had on the imprinting of my life. In From The Heart we will be learning tapping into this river of wisdom to uncover some of our greatest truths. 


Kundalini Yoga: I love my kundalini practice, and it just got deeper. I have been practicing Sat Kriya for 141 days now, which seemed to pass way too quick, and have just added in two new exercises which i'm stoked about. My practice is now closer to 50 mins, instead of 20, a big change, but when I start questioning I ask "how bad do you want it," and it keeps me strong, motivated, and on point.  


From The Heart: I am so excited that registration opens this week! Thursday to be exact! We don't begin our writing exploration until the New Moon, which is March. 17th, but even registering and setting the intention for what you would like to get out of your writing journey will be a powerful seed to plant for the next two weeks! I can't wait for you to join us! 


HERBS: The plants are calling, Spring is calling, the medicine is calling! I have a special surprise for you guys this week! I am excited to begin to share more of the herbs that are incorporated into my daily practice and routines! 


Heartspace: As always, commuting stronger, and deeper to the heartspace. Healing the heart, BEing in the heart, opening heart, and honouring the heart.



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I hope your heart opens as much as mine does listening to this song:

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