Getting Out Of Your Own Way


Things are beginning to make sense to me now. China is becoming less of a mystery and I am understanding the divinity in why my Spirit has created that experience for me. I am not going to go into detail but when things are feeling really messy, awkward and uncomfortable.. TRUST. I know my intentions have been pure, I know that going there was a strong YES for me and I followed it. The whole thing was unusual, but we really need to get out of our own way and let Spirit take us on our journey. Things almost never look like how we imagine them to be, especially our healing. Healing isn't always pretty, in fact, it's usually pretty damn ugly. It hurts, its uncomfortable, and painful....but SO worth it when we make it to the other side. 

This week I have been pondering just how often we keep ourselves held back by getting in our own way. We hold ourself back by DOUBT. Fuckin Doubt. That is what it all boils down to. We doubt we aren't hearing our intuition, we doubt our inner guidence, we doubt our capabilities, we doubt what we have to offer, we doubt our gifts. So when we aren't seeing our lifes unfold in the ways we truly want them to is it because we are a victim to life? Or is it because we have been taught to doubt ourselves?

I am realizing this so much for myself. Realizing that I have a deeply ingrained belief of doubt that I HAVE deeply let go of, and am currently practicing to let go of more. I have realized I have been the biggest block to my unfoldment. I have been in my own way so long, and not even me.. my false belief systems. Where are your false belief systems holding you back? 

I have noticed that i've done so much work reprogramming and letting old belief systems go that I actually am not functioning under my old ones. My mind is trying to, but it's not working. I am so grateful, but equally as scared because I know I need to leap. I know I am embarking into unknown territory, and beginning to live a way of life that I've never knew possible, but always craved. It's time. There is no more looking back. Life has shifted. As Albert Einstein said "You can't solves problems with the same mindset or conciousness that created them."  This is where I am at. At the core of my being I know that I can't move in the direction I deeply desire (and need to) with my old beliefs, patterns and mindsets. Its time for change. It's its time to get out of my way. It's time for us all to get out of our way.

Another thing I want to mention is that there is room for all of us. When we are coming from the deep, pure place of our heart, there is nothing to compete with, nothing to compare. When we TRUST ourselves from the core of our being, when we trust our gifts, trust Spirit and the Universe it becomes an honour to have the gifts we have. We spend less time defining ourselves as our gifts, or as anything for that matter, and just allow ourselves to be what we are. And that's it. No bullshit. 

If you are feeling the call to dive deeper into your true heart, if you feel like you are ready to live in a new state of conciousness ( or maybe already are but unsure how to take the next step), if you'd like to challenge some of your ingrained belief systems then my new Online Writing Workshop From The Heart is for you. Registration opens March 1st. It is a completely virtual workshop, and completely inward. You will have the option of sharing your reflections, but only if you feel called. It is not required. This is for you.