Monday Intentions Forty Three | Just Here, and Enough


Hello beautiful friends! I hope you had a lovely week, I know how powerful it was with the New Moon, Eclipse AND Chinese New Year happening. Did anything come up for you? What type of patterns did you experience over the last week? Things have definitely shifted for me and I am feeling much more at ease with life's current offerings. I feel at home, in many ways, but mainly the "mundane" way. I have never felt so at home on my amazing little island, which is in incredibly empowering feeling, relieving really, and such a blessing. There is a lot i'm currently practicing/working on within myself, but beyond all of that, I am feeling grateful to be where I am. Here are this week's intentions:


Just Here and Enough: Last week we talked about integration, and one thing I realized is how allowing ourselves to celebrate how far we've come is a huge part of integration. Allowing ourselves to be enough right here is apart of the work; apart of the integration side of the work. I have noticed that in cycles when I don't give myself a chance to love how far i've come, to SEE how far I've come, and instead replace it with the vicious monster mind of more, more, more, I become weaker, not stronger. The more, more, more doesn't get me anywhere. Because if we can't be HERE, where can we BE?  Although I do recognize that it's important to have drive and motivation for all aspects of life whether it be about healing, our projects, self care, ect.. and also think if we aren't feeling driven that it's just as bad as being TOO driven, but we must find our personal line, and make sure we take the space to BE as deeply in the presence as we are capable of. 

Being in the presence means being in truth. The truth is beauty, sacred, aliveness, and love. I am realizing more everyday that when I sink into my truth that there is nothing to fear. We only fear it because we may become more aware of the blocks we have in the way of the truth; negative self talk, anxiety, suppressed pain, ect. We fear these blockages because most of us like to imagine we don't have them at all, so we suppress them from our consciousness; which is obviously doing more harm than good. The point of these words though is being enough right now. Taking conscious time to realize the greatness of who I am, and allowing myself to embody it right here, right now. 


NO Sugar/Consistency: If you've been following me on Instagram (and if you haven't, it's @pualanimedicine) you've seen that i've been working on cutting out sugar. I honestly don't eat a lot of possessed sugar to begin with, but I am cutting out sugar 6 days of the week, and that includes all sweeteners like maple syrups, coconut sugar, and honey. Although I TRULY believe and love in honey's beautiful medicine, I also believe its OK to take breaks. I am NOT taking fruit out of my diet as I know it does not effect me in the same way. I say 6 days a week because knowing myself, I am WAY more consistent with anything when it isn't EXTREME, because consistency is just as important to me as the actual act of letting the sugar go. Consistency is something I highly value, and also something I am always redefining. I look at the Earth and ponder what consistency means to Her, and especially how nothing is really consistent at all, except for change; seasons are a great example of this. Seasons always remind me that nothing is the same forever, and that everything moves in cycles. This gives me permission to allow my own personal cycles to change, but I do remind myself that the cycles are consistent. Setting the intention to continue to understand my own cycles, and work on being consistent to the best of my ability in the places that consistency thrives. 


Intuition and Heart: I am realizing that it's crucial to vow to my intuition/heart. Like, what I truly want in life is to BE and DO exactly what I came here to BE and DO, and I am just seeing that my intuition is the key and tool to that path. The only things that get in the way of radically honouring our intuition is fear, and doubt. I like to imagine fear and doubt in one hand, and intuition and heart on the other, I then imagine how often I feed fear and doubt instead of feeding heart and intuition. It baffles me how often I will choose fear and doubt, and I've realized it's because I've been taught to doubt and fear more than I've been taught to choose love, intuition and heart. I then realized that learning how to choose intuition and love takes practice, just how I learned to choose fear. We CAN unlearn. We can reprogram, and let ancient belief systems go. PS If you'd like to learn more about how to do that, check out my online writing workshop From the Heart, registration is opening March 1st. 


Prioritize/Walking:  A big message that has been coming through for me lately is how important it is to prioritize the spaces, places and practices that bring me to a place of deep inner knowing and hearing. Walking in nature INSTANTLY does this for me, as does meditation. Although it's funny observing myself resist these things, but this week I am making sure I do it everyday for what I receive from prioritizing is priceless. (We are learning about prioritizing in From the Heart.) 


From the Heart: This beautiful online workshop I am working on feels like a baby from my heart and soul. It was a gift downloaded directly from Spirit and I am so excited to be sharing it with you. I am intending to give it the space to continue to intuitively download through me this week, as I have committed for it to be nothing less that a direct gift from spirit. Really letting my mind get out of the way for this one because I KNOW that whatever needs to come THROUGH me is important, and it's nothing that I can come up with in my head haha. I truly hope you will join us for a week of beauty, healing, writing, connection, letting go, and LOVE. 


Love, Heart, Beauty, YES: Gosh I am feeling the love this morning. Just want to remind you all how much I love you and that I am so inspired by you all. I love how we can all support each other, care for each other and embrace where we are all at. Thank you so much for reading the words of my heart and spirit. XO.



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