Monday Intentions Forty Two | Integration

Hello Friends! I am thrilled to be writing Monday Intentions again on the right day!! Happy to be finally finding my groove again. After so much physical, and energetic movement I am realizing I have much more to integrate than I thought. I knew i'd have some, but within the integration I have found bigger lessons presenting themselves, which need integration in and of themselves. The other big player these days is the eclipse energy. Is anyone else finding this eclipse window interesting? We are the middle of two eclipses at the moment. The last one was on Jan. 31, and then next one is Feb. 15 (one day before my birthday). Eclipses are super potent energies that truly bring up what we've been shoving under the rug. It can be uncomfortable, ungrounding, confusing, and might even feel like we are doing something wrong.These eclipses are closing the door of the eclipse cycle that we began in August. As we close one eclipse door, we open a new one. With newness we can always count on endings. Endings provide a chance to move on, to let go and give death to parts of ourself that we are finished with. As we near the next eclipse this week, I offer to you my intentions:


Integration: As I mentioned above I am in the process of integration. We are always integrating. And I feel that when certain lessons/patterns keep returning to us it's because we haven't deeply integrated it enough. What are you integrating right now? I feel integration is the "feminine" aspect of the work and the actual work is the "masculine" aspect. I feel that we can compare the integration process to sleep in a sense, like night and day. If we are doing the work but not taking time to integrate, then what are we even doing? Since if we don't integrate, we won't actually learn the lesson. If we don't learn the lesson, we will need to learn it in a different way, and the loop will continue as we forget the importance of integration.  I almost feel I learn more lessons in the integration process, and maybe it's not that there are more lessons there, but maybe a deeper awareness of myself which helps me notice the lessons I didn't realize I was learning while I was IN the lesson. This takes me to my next intention. Self Awareness ↓.


Self Awareness/ Self Inventory/ TRUST: I was asked a beautiful question the other day. Someone asked me what are a few of my favourite qualities about myself. Self Awareness was one of my answers. I've realized that I am actually so self aware, almost too self aware. Only *too* self aware when I am not in my heart, and in trust though, because when I am self-aware, but not rooted in my heart, I will analyze every single thing, over think everything. I am setting the intention this week to embrace my self awareness, to USE it, to trust it, to allow it to raise me up, instead of beat me up. 


Letting The Fuck Go. Letting the fuck go. Period. 


Owning: Realizing there are so many aspect of myself that I am yet to own. One of them being how much of a wild woman I truly am. I am so done of not owning my intensity, letting go of old stories about whats right, whats wrong, blah blah blah. Really setting the intention this new moon/eclipse to OWN who I AM. All of who I AM. It is, what it is. If it makes people uncomfortable, great. If people love it, great. If they judge it, great. It doesn't matter. When I walk in my HEART, in my truth, in ME, thats the BEST THING I CAN DO, and when I know I am doing my BEST, I am happy, I am fulfilled, I AM ENOUGH. If this isn't enough for others, I know deeply that, that isn't about me, it's about them. I am DONE with prioritizing other people's opinions above embodying my deepest authentic self. #fuckthat. 


Listening/Honouring SELF: In meditation this morning I really was shown how important it is to honour the SELF. Some would call this listening/following intuition, but I was shown how it's so much deeper than that. Yes, there will be a lot of facing fear as we honour our true Self, but when it comes down to it, this is one of the highest forms of honour and self love we are humanly capable of. This type of honouring is more than honour too, it's a potent form of accelerated self growth. I feel when we can radically say YES to our SELF we will be ushered through so much resistance, blockages, and old patterns. Our SELF knows. Even when our mind doesn't understand WHY. 


Heartspace, Heart Healing, Heart BEing: As always, heartspace is a huge intention. Realizing even more than ever how important it is to BE in and of my heart as deeply, and as often as possible. 



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