Trust as a Form of Honouring, Even When Our Path Doesn't Look like Anyone Else's


Yesterday I mentioned that to walk and embody our truth, we must TRUST in our truth. I wanted to dive a little deeper into that today. This is one I am constantly working on. It's so easy to look at someone else's path and see how it *appears* that it's worked beautifully for them, and therefore we try to follow what they did. It is also easy to compare our path with someone else's, and so easy to validate someone else's path and not our own. This all comes down to lack of trust, doubt, and insecurity. No one's path is going to be the same. We all have different people, places, and life experiences that carve our path, and guide us. Sometimes we may look at someone and see and love where they are, but what we don't know is how they got there, and how long it took them. We humans love instant gratification. If something doesn't happen overnight, than its a failure to most. Yes, some people may become 'successful' overnight, but in reality, what we see on the surface of someone who inspires us deeply is the fruition of many, many years of hard work, dedication, determination, and NOT giving up when things don't happen instantly. 

When we stop comparing our journey to other's we can fully be present with, and trust in the divine guidance that is literally always with us. When we can surrender to our beautiful path, that absolutely WILL NOT look like anyone else's than we give spirit and our soul the permission to align us deeper with our purpose and ultimate serving. When we trust we honour. When our intentions are in the deepest purity possible, how can we NOT trust? Spirit's got our back! Always, as long as we freakin' trust hah! 

I give you, and myself permission to rock our paths as they are, even if that means we are doing something that someone else deems "wrong" or "bad," .. if Spirit has lead us there, and in our heart it feels right, embrace it. Our heart and soul will NOT lead us astray, even if the path gets a little bumpy, we can trust ( as long as our intentions are pure and heart centred ) that we will always be given exactly what we need, and that we are exactly where we need to be. TRUST is HONOUR of our Spirit, Soul, and Heart.  When we begin to think of it in this way, it becomes actually harder to NOT trust, as it is almost disrespectful to NOT trust.