Monday Intentions Twenty Five | Making Use of Virgo Energy


Happy Monday Folks! I can't say I am enjoying Virgo season as much as Leo season ( YET ) but I know I need this energy. Leo season was intense, super ungrounding, but felt amazing. Virgo is getting me really grounded, helping me get clear on some projects I am becoming ready to embark on, and also brining me back into my body. That is really what this week is all about for me: 


Grounding and Physical Body Care with Virgo Energy: Like I said above, I have been feeling so so much more rooted onto Earth lately. A few weeks ago I honestly could barely contain my energy in my body.. it was as if my body wasn't ready for the energy that I was harnessing. But now, with Virgo's influence I feel the energy has been brought fully down into the ground and I am fully capable of holding it. Now I am ready to continue grounding by really nurturing and taking care of my physical body. Ill honour my sacred earthly temple of a body by stretching, dancing, and bike rides. Also some really sensual and lovely body massage and oils.


Focus: This ties into the virgo a little bit. Since I am becoming more grounded I am calling in some masculine energy to help me FOCUS. I have had a hard time putting into the things that I don't really WANT to do, but I NEED to do. I have been totally in slowly feminine energy for MONTHS haha, and now i'm seriously ready for some more balance in my life. I learned, and gained from that amazing feminine energy, but when it's time for masculine energy, you Know! 


Health: This whole week is about VIRGO haha. ALLLLL about the grounding, alll about taking care of the physical body. But we have to remember that when we take care of ANY of our bodies, we are taking care of ALL of our bodies. So right now, I am nurturing my PHYSICAL body. I am too excited for this time of year. There are so many beautiful veggies in season, and the amazing wild medicinal BERRIES are emerging. I am especially excited about elderberry which I will be turning into a yummy syrup and tincture, I also freeze some to save for the middle of winter. 


Outside: It's so nice to be able to witness the season's shift. I am going to make sure I get outside a lot this week, and the coming weeks. Especially with the leaves changing. SO beautiful!


Writing/Creative Envisioning: With the masculine energy and focus I am calling in I feel a creative surge coming through. I will be spending some extra time this week writing out dreams, and writing out LOTS of blog posts I have basically bubbling over. 


COMMUNICATION: Communication is such an interesting topic. Our words can be used to hurt or heal. Our words are how we translate energy. I am too intrigued by this topic and am ready to dive in deeper. I know this is my next little study/interest and healing. I am so ready to learn how to communicate effectively, compassionately, consciously, loving and with so much intention.


Heart and Womb: As usual setting the intention to go deeply into my heartspace and possible to open, heal, and BE. But this week I am tuning into my womb space too. These two centres are soooo powerful. I have not put as much time or healing energy into my wombspace as id like to, so I begin this week. ALSO expect a post ALLLLLL about our Womb space soon. 



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This is maaaaaa tune! So feeling this. I dance so deeply to this. Check it out, and find the grooves inside YOU: