Doing the Work and Cultivating Daily Practice as Ground Work for Everything


The deeper I surrender and listen to my truth, the more I realize how in order to SHARE our truth, we must TRUST in our truth. This has been such a practice for me the past few months. I realized that if I am to stand in my power, walk my talk, embody my soul purpose, than I must face my doubt. The more refined, and closer we align with our deepest purpose and work on this Earth, the more we are shown what is in the way of offering our gifts. This is the work.

I have come to realize that the work we do on ourselves is reflected in EVERYTHING. This is because EVERYTHING is a reflection of us: Relationships, business, clients, ect. The more we can clean up ourselves, look at our shadow and wounds, understand and ground into what we are worth, the more apt and capable we are to live a life that not only deeply serves us, but serves ALL. When we live a life that serves our soul, WE ARE SERVING. In order to live a life that truly serves our whole being, we must do our self work, and cultivate a daily practice that reminds us of WHY we do what we do. 

There are many ways to "do the work," but I have found that a daily practice.. PRACTICE... has been the most influential and beneficial to my growth. Everybodies way of doing the work will look different. For me, it's sitting at my altar praying, meditating, smudging, sipping cacao, music and dance, journaling. and tons of solo outdoor time.. tons of solo time in general. In what ways can you create a space for you to be real with yourself? To check in, to ask How am I? And what can I work on? In which ways am I projecting my shit onto others? Am I able to take responsibilty for that? And do these questions scare me?

If you do not begin this work, it will show up in all the places. It can't not. Everything is a reflection of ourselves. Every single thing. The more we take responsibility and accountability for ourselves, the less we can shove our shit onto others via blame and being victim to our life. The more aware we become of ourselves we realize that there we just CAN NOT play victim. Instead we must LOOK at ourselves, get to the root of why we want to blame someone else, be compassionate with ourselves, and open space for the healing. This is the ground work.

I commit to this work for myself, but for the world. In order to SERVE, to heal, to live in this new paradigm, I create a life that is wholesome, pure, and deeply from the heart. In order to do that, I cleanse the blockages via a daily practice. I vow to this practice, to this work. Always, In love.