Monday Intentions Twenty Four | Full Heart, Love, Permission, Healing, and Gratitude


Aw I can feel and smell fall in the air. Seasons are in yet another transition up here in Canada. Its nostalgic, grounding, soft, and sweet. I want to think i'm not ready for fall, but I so am. It's SUCH a beautiful season. Death. Inwards. Slowness. Inspiration. I am ready for a shift, especially after the weekend I just experienced. These past few days were a portal of deep transformation, a mirror into myself and seeing myself with clearer eyes. My sister Katlin and I held space for about 12 people this past weekend where we all sunk deep within our hearts, got very vulnerable, and opened our hearts to healing. It really showed me how strong I am, how far i've come, how much doing the work pays off, but also to be patient and present with myself as I shed layers and wounds. It IS happening. Sometimes we want to force it, but that is just not how it works. We must show up everyday, in honour, in humbleness, bowing to the divine, to Spirit, and this is how we heal. Surrender. I am filled with so much creative energy and inspiration and am excited to see what is going to be birthed. Happy Week friends, here are my intentions this week:


Full Heart, Love, Permission and Healing, and Gratitude: I have never had a fuller heart. I have never felt so on my path in my life, and grateful ever before. Blessed really. So this week I want to take these feelings with my. Remembering how blessed we truly are. This life is filled with SO much magic and beauty. We are here to BE and EXPERIENCE and what a privilege it is to be able to GET to do this. We choose to live this way. We are NOT a victim to our life. We get the choice everyday to tap into whatever state of being most serves us. It's our decisions that lead us to our experience. I am choosing Love, Healing, Gratitude, and Beauty. I do acknowledge that in order to reach these states I cannot overlook the shadowy, darker, shamed places inside of myself. This is the work really, seeing ourselves in our TOTALITY, darkness and all. By looking at these parts of ourselves, we clear the way, and create space for the Love that is ALREADY there to become even more present in our experience.


Grounding/Integration: After such a potent weekend I NEED to make sure I take the time to integrate and ground all of the realizations, openings, and letting go's. I will do this by nurturing my physical body with lovely healthy, fresh foods, yoga and dance, breathing deeply, spending lots of time in nature, and being alone. 


Deeper Heartspace: I realized how important my heart work is this past weekend. I realized that my love, and my big strong heart is my offering to the world. I will be tapping into this space via meditation, and cacao especially. By healing, opening, and living IN our sacred heartspace, we open the doors of living in new paradigm, in two worlds, heaven on Earth. Our world has gotten so far away from this type of living. But it IS sooo within reach. It is HERE with us, everyday, every moment. Our hearts hold such medicine for us. 


Listening: I realized that past little while that LISTENING and HEARING is majorly something that serves me. Taking TRUE alone time is mandatory for this. So, setting the intention to take that space this week. To listen, and hear. 


WORK: I have been living such a feminine energy based life this year. But I feel ready to bring in a bit more masculine energy and work harder. I've been diligently working on myself, and of course that isn't to stop, but I am calling in masculine, physical plane energy so I can create what I must for my souls purpose. 



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A sacred journey of a song this week, press play, close your eyes, and listen...or move ;) :