We Need Permission To Heal


We all seek permission, and we all look for it in different kinds of ways. Really, we are all looking for permission to be who we truly are. We need permission to do the healing we need to to let go of the layers we have built up as safety mechanisms (more on this later). We find permission through modalities such as courses, yoga, ceremony, travel, and gurus. We often forget that we can give ourselves permission too, and that we don't actually need anything outside of ourselves to define, certify, or grant us the ability to be and know who we ARE. Permission is at the root of so much, and you'd be surprised at how we truly need it way more than you'd expect in our healing journey.

Recently I was doing a meditation where I realized that I hadn't given myself permission to heal. In your mind you're probably thinking "Why would I need to give myself permission to heal, aren't I already healing and that means I'm allowed?"  That was my thought exactly. But I realized that our higher self doesn't need the permission, it's our ego and inner child that does. Our inner child is so innocent that it needs the permission, and our ego is doing it's best job at keeping us safe, so if we don't continuously give them permission to let go, move aside, and allow the healing to take place, than the healing can't and won't happen at the level that it needs to. In that same meditation I also realized that I needed to give myself permission to let go. I had been desiring to let go deeper, and unsure of why it wasn't happening, but what a beautiful thing it was to experience and see how big of a duty permission has in healing. And how empowering it was to give MYSELF that permission. 

This goes for any type of healing. If you are a healer, you know (I hope) that you can not heal someone without their permission. So this is important to turn back around on ourselves, and see ourselves as our own clients. We need permission from ourself if we are looking to heal in the ways that we are desiring. I write these words to open up the space inside of your mind, and hope for you to contemplate where you might be looking for permission outside of yourself? I am not saying that permission outside of ourselves is wrong or bad, but sometimes it costs us a fortune, and it's not even what we need. I know that there are experiences and people outside of myself that I actually need for permission, but it's concious, clear, and DOES give me the internal permission, and external experience that my soul is craving to be a deeper embodiment of my SELF. I write these words because I feel strongly that much of the permission we are looking for is actually within us, and that we need to stop giving so much of our time and energy into other people, gurus, and courses just so we can feel worthy of being ourself. I hope the permission you find within yourself elevates you, empowers you, and helps you realize the power that lies within you at every moment. 

We are enough already. When we take Heart Based Action, when we grant ourselves the permission to let go deeper and deeper, we experience the beauty that is naturally awaiting us. Being our true self is the most fulfilling thing in the world, and NOT being our true self is the most unfulfilling experience. True happiness is found in BEing our SELF, and to become ourself  we must surrender, delayer, trust, and give ourselves permission to be everything we already are.