Monday Intentions Twenty Seven | Radical Self Love, ME, Permission

Happy Monday Friends! This past week I found so much clarity. I made some big decisions that I am excited to share with you when the time is right. Most days last week I was feeling so deeply, I couldn't pin point my feeling because it was equally happiness, nostalgia, bliss, sickness, sadness, contentment, and trust.. I know, it confused me too.  I was intending on focusing more on focus last week, and I have accomplished that. I feel very grounded, a lot more disciplined, and focussed this week. I feel so excited for all of the changes ahead of me, though I know they will be a test of my practice, but I am willing and ready to go into these shifts with my head, heart and attitude in a strong, centred place. The big lesson and focus  for me this past week and weeks ahead are really giving myself permission, and transforming my subconscious beliefs to KNOW that I am truly lovable AS I AM, the self that just IS, my essence, my true self:


Radical Self Love, ME, Permission: As I began above I am truly going deeper with self love. It is so interesting to see how we think we have learned a lesson, only to find out how much deeper we can go with it. Self love has been such a journey for me. I am truly focussing on it in a way I never have lately. I have unrooted so much shame, that I had subconsciously buried, around BEING MYSELF. I realized that I was ashamed to show and be who I truly am. When in reality, the more and more I tune into the TRUTH of who I am, I realize how truly phenomenal this being is and that the shame is not my own, but energy I picked up from childhood. I am falling back in love with who I am, I am giving myself the permission to BE ME, I am realizing that our gifts are OURSELVES. We are the gifts my friends, and it takes radical self love and permission to be ourselves to embody these gifts that we effortlessly ARE. I know it can be hard to imagine that we can be deeply, deeply loved for the effortless being that we are, it can be hard to imagine that our gifts are what comes naturally to us when we give ourselves the permission to be exactly who we are, no shame, but it is the truth. All we need to do is surrender, let go, stop holding back, diminish the shame, trust in true selves, because we are so much more that we can imagine, and it isn't hard, IT JUST IS, we just need to believe it. I need to believe it, and this is my focus this week, and weeks ahead, believe in my true self, loving my truest expression, letting go of shame. 


Balance: Since we are in Libra season, and with the Equinox just passing I am feeling the need to create a better balance in my life. For me this looks like more masculine energy in the form of discipline, focus, structure, working harder, ect. I have been a floaty, airy fairy for a while now, and don't get me wrong, I was working on myself in a really intense way, but now I see that that time has come to an end, and it's time to work hard on myself in a more masculine practical way. 


ME: I am taking the next nine months(and beyond) to really focus on myself. Becoming the best possible version of myself. Showing up, doing the work, disciplining myself, giving myself all the love I crave.  I commit to letting go of looking outside of myself for the love, and instead finding my deep well of divine love within, which is so so fulfilling, its true love. 


DANCE: Oh my gosh, I have been dancing every single night, every night and it feels so amazing. Dance is my art (one of them). Soon enough I will share a video with you all, because I feel dance is truly one of my deepest expressions. 


Honouring: I am super tapping into the sacred ancestors and guides that are walking with me. I feel so so blessed to have these beautiful beings caring, and teaching me every moment. I am seriously taking extra time to speak, hear, pray, and offer gratitude to these teachers and healers of mine. 


Forgiveness and Truly Letting BLAME go from my Dictionary: We can always forgive more, ourselves and others. There is always deeper reasoning behind things. We are not to blame, no one is to blame. I am so sick of the blame game, towards myself, and towards others. I commit to not feeding the small self in my that would rather blame instead of step up and look deeper. 


Heartspace: As always, and forever will be one of my underlying, and main intentions is LIVING, BEING, HEARING, LISTENING, SPEAKING.. FROM MY SACRED HEARTSPACE. 




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I am so in love with this song. It's playful, happy, and I've been dancing to it for the past few days: