Monday Intentions Twenty Six | Focus, Inwards, Trust, Letting Go


Wow I have been writing these Monday Intentions for exactly six months! Time seriously flies! Mann, this week has definitely brought up ALOT, anyone else feeling that? I have been tested in so many ways, but today feels good. The vibe of this week feels good. Despite my life confusion, I feel very full, whole, and in trust of what life has been offering me. Sometimes things can just be.. interesting. Either way, I feel like life is going to continue to get more and more intense. Our world as we know it is changing, and we too must shift our whole consciousness, the beautiful thing is that we all have each other, if we open ourselves up to each other. 


Focus, Inwards, Trust, Letting Go: September has been been probably my second or tied with the worst month of my year. I can't say it's BAD, but compared to the amazingness of my other months, it has just been BLAH. I KNOW that life is both light and dark, in and out, up and down.. we live in a dualistic world, so we are bound to experience both spectrum of feelings, and honestly I really love that we do. This week I am realizing I need to really focus, go inwards and get clear on some things, trust in the situations life is offering me, and then surrender and let go, which is the biggest practice. We can want things all we want, but our attachment to how, or when, and even how these things manifest is a blockage that keeps them from coming to us. 


STRENGTH: I realized this past week that if I wallow in my attitudes and feelings of weakness, and just waiiiiiiit for strength to come back, it will take forever. Instead i'm going to say NO. I am going to change my perspective, I am going to call in my deep inner strength, and push through. We ALWAYS have the choice. Sometimes it's hard to remember that, but this week I was feeling feelings of weakness, hopelessness, and self pity, but then I took a step back and realized there is seriously no point in feeling shitty for myself. I realized I have the choice, I can DECIDE to change my attitude, I can decide that I am not going to feel bad for myself, I am going to DECIDE to be strong, to trust, to care for myself, to be compassionate to myself, but not allow myself to go into a downwards spiral. 


Conscious Lifestyle Changes: There is a quote from the retreat I was at in Guatemala in January that keeps coming back to me, and it's " Start saying yes to what you really really want, instead of what you want right now." I am realizing there are actually so many places that I am giving into what I want right now, instead of what I really really want. This week I am going to spend some time deciphering exactly where I need to say yes to what I really really want. It is sooo worth it to feed our HIGHER YES. 


Body Care/Movement: This somewhat goes along with above. I find moving my body extremely grounding, and that if I make time for it, I find so much extra time in the day, and feel so productive. If I even make my ONE THING I need to do for the day body movement, than I can trust that anything else I need to do will get done. But I have so much resistance, which is also another sign I need to incorporate more of it into my life. 


Solar Plexus/ Naval Chakra Work: These two chakras are calling for my attention. Solar Plexus is all about confidence, strength, our power, trusting ourselves, and our naval chakra is all about creativity, sexuality, creative expression, feeling, passion, connection. I will be meditating on these two, and sending deep healing and expansive energy to these places. 


Heartspace and Deep Trust in Myself: Continuing my dive into my heart, and allowing myself to TRUST myself as I live from there. Self trust is so empowering, and something I am continuously working on. I find the more I live and BE from the heart, the easier it is to trust in myself, and the more and more I am reflected reasons and experiences FOR me to trust in myself. 


Reason and Intention behind my name change: I am changing my practice because it doesnt align with my core values anymore. I love herbalism, I love nature, plants and flowers. Deeply. These are my teachers, and these are my healers. They are my teachers and healers because they are (one) window/practice I use to grow my wholeness, to look at myself, to see and understand myself deeper. Ive grown to realize that our ailments are simply or merely just symptoms of a deeper wound. Our symptoms are our doorway, our call to look deeper.

Ive learned that we must follow this call if we want to heal. We must dig into these wounds. We can not bandaid and I DEFINITELY do not, and can not be apart of the band-aiding. This would be the opposite of my duty on Earth. My duty is root healing. My DEVOTION is root healing. No cover ups, no bandaids, no quick fixes.. only deep work, deep healing, deep looking at MYSELF.. so I can offer guidence and aid to those who want to look deeper into their own wounds.

Bill Plotkin says: "When symptoms are observed, the holistic approach views them as indicators of qualities of wholeness that the psyche is attempting to activate~ as opposed to something dysfunctional that needs to be removed. The symptom is honoured as a message from the persons wholeness and becomes a guide for identifying what needs to be encouraged and cultivated."

I am taking a step back, as a dive in DEEPER with the plants, and myself. I am committing to making medicine that adds to the SPIRIT, to the wholeness, to the SOUL. I am committed to making medicine that takes us deeper into ourself, into our truth, into our heart. No covering up. I am committed to my core values and truth that we must dig deep deep into ourself if we want to heal anything thats manifesting physically.



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This weeks song, sink into it, slow groove, feel it, love it, be it! Enjoy your week friends! Love you!