Layers and Tools for Delayering


Yesterday when we dissected intentions we realized that in order to get to our purest intentions we must delayer. We all have so many layers, and our layers have layers. We cumulate layers through our life, and even carry on layers from our parents/ancestors and even sometimes from past lives. It's not our fault, it's not our parent's fault, it's nobodies fault. Having baggage, shadow, layers, wounds, ect is normal ( for now..i'm not sure what our world will look and feel like in 1000 years, but i'm sure we will still have things to sort through). Believe me, I know how daunting it is to look at the layers for the first time, honestly thats why most of us just don't. It's like looking in a closet that you shove all of your junk that you don't have time to deal with. You know the closet is there, you know it needs to be cleaned sometime, and usually you are really good at ignoring it. But there comes a time when IT'S TIME to clean it out, OR that time comes to us when the closet can't hold anything else and it starts to overflow and we can't ignore it anymore. 

The biggest tools that I have come across on my path to begin the delayering process have been COMPASSION, FORGIVNESS, PATIENCE+PRESENCE, and HONESTY. We must cultivate all of these things if we are going to dive into ourself. Ill go into each of these in detail in the next little while, but beginning with compassion towards ourself: Let's not be hard on ourself because we have wounds and layers, being hard on ourself will most likely cause MORE layers. Instead, why not send loving compassion to ourself, and some beautiful words like " I love you, I am showing up for you, I am doing this work, and I promise we are going to move through this."  When we begin to be compassionate with ourself we can begin to forgive ourself. You'd be surprised how many of us are holding suppressed resentment towards ourself, you'd be surprised to see how angry we are at ourself. But once we send compassion, we can forgive, because there's no one to blame. Blaming won't get us anywhere. Compassion will, forgiveness will. And then in comes patience. The delayering doesn't happen overnight. It is never really done. When we begin the process of delayering, it a continuous journey of shedding layers and layers of layers, that's why it is so important to be patient and present with our healing journey. If we get too ahead of ourself we either get overwhelmed, intimidated, or discouraged and give up. But when we can stop, be where we are, let go of expectations of getting anywhere, and be present with where we are, then the journey can be enjoyable, and I assure you, you will break through more the layers much more gracefully! This journey takes incredible honestly, and courage! 

So what's hiding in your closet? What have you been putting off looking at? If you aren't sure, sit in quiet and ask yourself what layers can you let go of.. sit patiently and see what arises. Remember to let go of any expectations you might have around the layers that might come up. These layers have been shoved in that dark closet for who knows long, so there can definitely be some surprises...nothing you can't handle though!