Why I Speak of Intention So Often


So i've been writing weekly intentions on this blog for six months next week! In my last post on Trust as a Form of Honour I mention that we can deeply trust so long as our INTENTIONS are pure. I wanted to disect this a little bit just so we can understand why intention is so important, and why I infuse my purest possible intentions into all that I do and be. 

In order to get down to our purest intentions, we must be willing to look at ourselves. We must be willing to look at where our intentions AREN'T the purest, and sit with why that is so. WHY. This is the key. This is what intention is all about. WHY.. why are we doing what we are doing? Why do we want what we want? Why are we choosing this, and not that? Why, and what for? The reason behind every action ultmately reveals where the energy is going.  "Energy flows where intention goes," is a popular quote, and so on point. If you make a decision out of spite, rather than love, the outcome will guaranteed be  100% different. If you make a decision out of fear, rather than love, the outcome will be very different too. 

Let's take working out for example, as this is one I struggled with for part of my life. I used to work out all the time when I was younger, thinking I was doing good for my body. Right? Well, right and wrong! Why was I working out? What was my intention? Was it rooted in self love? Or self hate? Was I nourishing my body, or hurting it? I was hurting it. I was working out because I hated my body, not because I loved my body. My intention was rooted in self hate, not self love. This doesn't mean that I had to stop working out. I did though because when I realized I could not go on doing this action when it was rooted in such self loathing. I realized I was doing more harm than good. I committed to doing physical exercise rooted in self love, and if I couldn't figure that out, than I wouldn't work out. Following me? Why would you want to continue to do and make life decisions that are based in self hate? Where is that really going to get you?

The deeper I go with intention the more I realize that it is the basis of our reality. EVERYTHING is intention. I make daily intentions everyday (which usually end up being the same, but still, it's important to me to speak them daily), I make weekly intentions, monthly, yearly, and even just life intentions. 

Intention is about delayering. Asking why, and then why, and then why, and then why, and then why again. Don't stop at your first answer, keep questioning yourself. Keep digging. It takes courage to get honest with ourselves, but I promise that as we continue to purify our intentions, the quality of our life will just continue to get better and better. 

I also want to mention that truth is truth, whether you believe it or not. So I want to remind you that even if you "think" your intentions are rooted in love.. if you aren't actually being honest with yourself, than it doesn't mean that your intentions ARE rooted in love. The thing about intention is that you must be honest with yourself. There is no faking energy. The thing about being human is that we try to cover up our energy with words sometimes. But beyond words, energy is energy. We can't fake it. 

So this comes back to doing our work. Looking at ourselves. Taking responsibility for ourselves. If we truly want and care about being our best selves, than we must dig into ourselves. Where are we lying to ourselves, what are we trying to hide from ourselves?  The things we are hiding from ourselves usually aren't even "bad," they are usually just aspects of ourselves that we have been taught to shame, usually from our parents, or peers. This is a whole other blog post, which I will get into tomorrow. The digging never stops, we always have layers. The more I surrender to knowing that, the less intimidated I am to move through them. At first it was so overwhelming to see all the layers i've built over the years. But this is apart of being human. There is nothing wrong with it. So I encourage you to look at your layers with kind eyes my friends. No shame. You are absolutely beautiful, and the layers absolutely do not define you.

The deeper you delayer, the purer the intentions, the the greater life experience you can create for yourself.  Tomorrow I dive into layers and what they're purpose is.