Commitment as an act of Nourishment (like watering a plant) to Bring Something to Full Bloom


If you asked me even just 8 or 9 months ago my thoughts on commitment, they would have been so different to what I am going to write about today. I am not talking about relationship type of commitment, though it definitely works in the same way for relationships as it does for anything else. 

I am realizing that commitment, like full commitment, as in both feet in the door type of commitment is (one) tool to real success.. in any realm at all. It could be a spiritual practice. It could be an exercise regime. It could be a relationship. It could be committing to being self employed doing something you love.  It's a tool because I've realized that when we put both feet in the door, instead of having one foot in, and one foot out of the door with ANYTHING, we will ultimately find success. How can we expect to reap the rewards of anything if we are only half committed? We will never find the type of success we crave if we DON'T commit. Commitment is like watering a plant. If we want the plant to THRIVE, we water it when it needs to be watered. If we want our practice, our relationship, our job to blossom in the ways we crave, we must commit to the watering, to nourishing it, to giving it our full attention. 

Most people fear commitment because it's risky. But I believe the bigger risk is being stuck in the in-between our whole life. One foot in the door, and one foot out. Half invested, always seeking for something better. But the truth is that we will find the 'better' when we take the leap of faith into deeper commitment. Another reason people fear commitment because it isn't overnight gratification. When we commit to something, especially job wise or a spiritual practice, we need to wait for results. But they WILL come. They are more guaranteed with commitment than the "less risky" way of non-commitment. 

I feel a lot of people fear commitment because they think they might lose their freedom, and become stuck. But I believe that commitment is what free's us. Yes, we may have times when we feel stuck, but it's coming back to the "why I began in the first place," mindset. 

It's also important to note that we must commit from the heart. The feeling of stuckness comes when we commit to something from the ego or mind only. I think the challenge then is coming into our heart, to listen to our heart, and to move from our heart and make commitments from the deepest place inside of us.. which is a commitment of it's own. One that I HAVE committed to, and can tell you has been the most rewarding commitment I've ever made. 

Commitment is kind of like a BIG intention. The energy behind a real, committed commitment is STRONG. The universe hears that kind of energy so loudly. That is why we reap success from deep commitment, that's why everything blossoms with commitment. But it only works if it's REAL. If it's true. If both feet are in the door. 

I am always contemplating where I only have one foot in the door, and one foot out, and asking myself how I could commit deeper, and why I am afraid not to. Where do you fear commitment? Why aren't you committing deeper?  Let me know, comment below! 

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