Monday Intentions Twenty | Inwards, Inventory and Inbetween


Happy FULL MOON Friends! Hope you're taking some time to harness this super potent energy today! Monday (and Sunday) are officially my favourite days of the week. I get a kick out of this because most people hate Mondays.  Monday is ruled by the Moon (MOONday), and SUNday is ruled by the Sun. Im happy to say that I feel most like myself and free during my work week and I think this is why I do love Mondays so much, because it's back to work hahaha. Work is something I am always trying to define though. Does it mean what I do for money? Is it my soul's mission on Earth? Are those in direct relation? ..ect. For me these days, it means doing the work, it means deeply connecting with myself. Not a lot is clear in my life right now, but one thing is: I must heal myself, love myself, get to know myself, and continue to free myself. THIS is my DUTY right now. This is my work. It has many outward expressions. Yeah I don't have a lot of money right now, but I have LOVE, you can totally have both, and sometimes I do, but right now Love will do. Haha, I'm not sure where that little spiel came from, or who it was meant for (probably myself), but here are my intentions for the week:


Inwards, Inventory, + Inbetween: Ouuu, the Energies are HIGH. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse today, Lions Gate tomorrow. I've found myself, yet again, going through another major transformation. This may be bold, but I have a feeling whatever this one is birthing is going to change me in a way I have never been changed before. I feel called to step back, dive inwards, and take inventory on my whole life. Where am I? Who am I? What do I want? Why do I want it? What am I here to do? What isn't serving me? How can I change/transform habits? What are my bad habits? What's working for me? How can I serve deeper? Where are my blocks? Whats draining me? What is my ego feeding on right now? What is my Souls deepest yearning? Am I taking conscious and clear steps to embody that? Where am I holding back? How am I staying small? Where I am embodying my truth? How far have I come? How can I love deeper? ECT. I am questioning EVERYTHING right now. I am at a pivotal turning point in my life. Everything IS changing. I think EVERYTHING is changing for everyone. Sometimes this middle ground, the inbetween an old self and a new self can be confusing. For me the biggest confusion is the fact that I feel AMAZING. But my story is different. I watch my ego trying to use my old story to bring me down, but it just doesn't work anymore. My new story is not quite here yet. And maybe I just need to create it, but I don't think it's that simple. Either way, I totally feel like i'm in another chrysallis.  I love, love, love it though. I am not even going to pretend that this type of stuff makes me feel weird, I was literally BORN for this life, and the way I am living it. I feel it in my blood, bones and being. HERE WE GO. Email me if you have any questions surrounding this type of energy by the way. 

Social Media Break: Social media has been getting to me. There are many things I love and hate about it. I just felt that during this time of one of my bigger transformations that letting go of social media can be almost a catalyst for my growth because Ill be a lot less distracted, and a lot more focussed on ME. I am not sure how long this will be, but I kind of want it to be for a while..a month, longer, I don't really know. I want to really get MY grasp on it, instead of it having a grasp on me. 

Presence: I actually can't not be present right now. If I get too into the future or past I just feel so far away from myself. Practicing presence has been such medicine for me. I feel that in order to go in to myself as deep as I can, I need to be fully feeling what's happening, even if I don't understand it. 

Movement: I am so sore today. I woke up feeling stiff and wondering what the fuck is wrong with me... until I remembered how hard I was dancing yesterday. Dancing is one of the purest expressions of my soul. I love it. I need it. I am making more of a conscious effort to dance everyday. 

Drumming: I bought an amazing drum while travelling in Guatemala, SIX months ago. It's made with Panther skin and fur, and it's so powerful. It's teaching me how to use my voice. I open the space, and start drumming, and my voice just begins to make beautiful healing sounds...the drumming just happens. 

Heartspace: As always, bowing and surrendering to the heart. 



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This week's tune is what i'll be boogying to for a while im sure, but especially this week, check it out: