Monday Intentions Twenty Two | TOTAL ECLIPSE / NEW MOON | Commitment, Love and Realness

Collage: Mary Herrera 

Collage: Mary Herrera 

Happy Eclipse/New Moon dear Brothers and Sisters. How was your week? I could barely stay in my seat the energy was so high. What a build up! Did you feel that too? Woah! Today is huge. If you can, take sometime to be with yourself. The energy that you put out into the Universe today is so important for building/creating your future. So these intentions we talk of today, are so much more than for just THIS week. These intentions we set today are for months, even years ahead. Astrology like this doesn't happen very often. It's exciting, but yes, challenging too. If there has been some shadows dug up and shown to you in the past week, LOOK AT IT. Ultimately, it's what we've been asking for. If we want our lives to be better, happier, heathier, ect, than we need to look at what blockages are holding us back from that. This is why I LOVE this type of energy. This is what healing is; going deep, understanding oursevles with clearer eyes, making the necessary ( but often difficult ) shifts, and stepping into a more embodied, and more fulfilling life. These are my intentions, some are relevant to just this week, but some will be for the next few months, even years. Enjoy!


Commitment to my Heart, Commitment to the Work, Commitment to the Sacred Path, Commitment to My Self: This has to be my biggest intention for the eclipse. I am committed to living a life that most aligns with my deepest service, to healing myself and clearing the blocks that have been either brought into this life, or been wounded onto me in this life that hold me back from embodying, sharing, and living in my purest, most loving Self. I do this work, not at all only for myself, but I do this work for the collective, for my children, and their children. I do this work for the land, for my ancestors, and for you. The work each of us do is for the collective. When we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. In order to heal, we must surrender to all that we thought we were. There is so much beauty underneath.. underneath all our shit. Dig, dig dig. And keep digging. I have found that even at, what I thought to be the bottom, is just the beginning of more digging. There are many, many layers to our wounds and blockages. This is the work my friends, and don't be afraid. It can seem daunting, but that is only because we think we need to "get somewhere." There is nowhere to get. There is always healing to be done, no matter "where" we are.. So ENJOY where you are, do not be afraid of where you are, but TRUST in your healing, and in your timing. We are NOT our blockages. We are soooo sacred and beautiful. We may have some things to work through, but it doesn't take away from everything that WE ARE. Remember that! Sending so much love....SOOO much love, from my heart to yours. 


DEEP LOVE: What else could we ask for than a heart full of love? Thats wealth right there. True love. True love is born on the inside. True love does not come from anywhere outside of ourselves. When we can feed on the love from within, we fill ourselves up to SHARE the love.  This is a continuous practice of mine; to find all the places in which I am blocking myself from feeling, and sharing the love within me. A huge thing for me is my fear of people not receiving it.. AKA fear of rejection. But the good thing about fears is that they can be faced.


Vulnerability + Realness:  It takes strength and courage to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable means showing our humanness, our realness, the good, the bad and the ugly, shamelessly. This is one of my Eclipse intentions. To let my guards down, to be who I am without needing validation, or  fear of getting hurt, ect. This is one of the purest forms of authenticity. I will walk my path with integrity, trust, openness, and vulnerability as a way to honour myself and my truth. But also not forgetting that I can ALWAYS let go more. 


Presence: This has been a theme since i've began these posts. P R E S E N C E.  Presence is actually such medicine for me. It gives me an opportunity to really slow down, and to actually EXPERIENCE the world around me. 


Discipline: I am ready to put energy into what I really really want, instead of what I want right now. I struggle with discipline so badly, and I am over it. Deeply seeding the intention of sacred discipline today in this eclipse energy. It's easy to know what we want, but it takes effort, dedication, DISCIPLINE, persistence, and work to actually go out and make it happen.   




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This weeks song is a whole album. I have been listening to this constantly this past week as the energy built up to today. Enjoy, relax, and go deep my friends. I absolutely love you.