Monday Intentions Twenty One | Surrender and Deeper Surrender


Well, we are right smack in between eclipse energies! Just one week ago it was the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, and in one week from today we will have the total Solar Eclipse New Moon. I believe this to be the most powerful time of the year, and the most transformative. Eclipses end AND begin things, but really, there is no difference between endings and beginnings:

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.

~Lao Tzu

What are you going through? What is coming up for you? Are you letting go of old stories? Is there a new understanding/experiene of self emerging? These things matter. The way this energy is moving through us is important. How are you changing? Are you resisting the change? Are you welcoming it with open arms? If we can sit alone, feel the power of this time it might be easier to surrender to the change at work. If we can see the bigger picture, the fact that Spirit is always helping us become the greatest embodiment of our Self possible, than we can relax into the fact that certain aspects of ourself must die as they are just being transformed into bigger beauty. Believe me, this is happening so deeply to me. Huge parts of my shadow are surfacing, showing themselves to me, as if they too, are sick of being apart of me HA! Ever get sick of yourself too? Yep, this is what this time is all about. Welcome it gracefully! Here are this weeks intentions:


Surrender and Deeper Surrender: This is where I'm at. I am in total (as much as I can be) surrender right now to what and where Spirit wants to guide me. I made a big commitment yesterday, one of the biggest ones i've ever made, and I have no idea how things are going to manifest from it. But when you make a big, life changing commitment, there is no way your life won't undergo immense transformations. My commitment was to be in the deepest service possible to Spirit and my highest Self, whatever that looks like. I vowed to be open, to do the work, to let go of ego expectations of how this service 'should' look like. I realize that a commitment like this takes courage, and i've been waiting a long time to make this commitment. I cried, and cried yesterday.. because a part of my life is over. I was grieving, and excited, scared, ready, and willing.  I care. I care about you, I care about the Earth, I care about our healing, I care about the wellbeing of the people and strangers around me. My love is strong, and it's the biggest thing I am working on: not being afraid of the love inside of me, and especially not fearfully resisting it like I have for so long. I surrender, and surrender deeper to LOVE.


Discovering my Voice with Fields of StudyI begin a 7 day online breathwork workshop this week. I did her last one on the Chakras and had some really powerful openings. Also learning to breath in this way with the intention of deep healing is so powerful. I've taken the technique and used it on my own breathwork journeys which have been profound. This workshop is all about the Throat Chakra and Finding our Voice:

"Imagine a life where your voice is connected to your heart, where your words carry your truth and power, where you can say what you actually feel. This seven day workshop will help lead you on a journey to discover your own relationship to your voice. With topics that range from learning to ground the voice and tap into the voice of the heart, to feeling the connection the throat has to the second chakra and birthing the voice inside that is waiting to be expressed - as well as taking a journey to past lives to uncover the source and help heal the wounds of the voice that you carry. You will also learn about different minerals that can support various aspects of the throat."


Inwards/Introspection/Social Media Cleanse: It's been over a week now since i've been on social media. I am so so so happy with my decision, and have decided to do it for at least a month, but most likely longer. It takes about 4 weeks to change and/or create a new habit, so I thought I might as well just cut the whole habit. When it's time to allow it back into my life, it will be a lot different. Being off of social media has granted me the space (mentally, and physically) to REALLY tune into myself, to hear what I WANT, to see who I AM, and to not be distracted by other peoples lives, instead to be very present with my life as it's going through one of the biggest rebirths it's ever went through. I am not even sure "who I am," and I find social media is all about "this is who I am,".. but when I started feeling like "this isn't me anymore," I had to give myself the space to listen to who I actually am, and take space away from social media, because it can be an ego trap... and if you read up there, I made a big commitment to BE in highest service to Spirit and my highest self, no matter what that looks like on the outside... and I know it is changing on the outside, and I just knew I couldn't allow this transformation to happen with social media present in my life. 


Trusting Myself: Major, major, major lesson for me: I need to learn how to just fucking trust myself. This is going on the Eclipse intention list, and it's going to be a big focus over the next year. We all have such sacred, and beautiful gifts to offer the world, but if we don't believe, or trust ourselves, they remain hidden. This is our MEDICINE to the world though, and it's our duty to share it. It is my duty right now to release my trust wounds, and to offer the medicine closest to my heart. 


Eclipse Prep: Big energy coming at us next week. Ill be taking this week to get really clear on what type of energy I will be sending out into the Universe as a way to harness the eclipse energy next Monday. These guys don't happen very often. The next one isn't until July 2/2019. Use this energy wisely. Go listen to some astrology about it. I love Kelley Rosano, each month she does a 25-30 min video on each sign about the energies coming at us. It's worth the listen. She already has September videos out too so we can begin prepping for fall energy. 


Heartspace: I get like cute, giddy butterflies thinking about my heart. I am falling in love with my heart, and it's pretty adorable. I love her. She has taught me so much, and continues to teach me so much. I am in deep gratitude every day for my heart. My practice is to honour her, in every  moment. My womb is next... these two are such powerhouse teachers inside of us. 



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This weeks song is so lovely, it's one that brought me deep into tears yesterday and opened me to a beautiful healing. ANYTHING by Peia is amazing. I haven't stopped listening to her since yesterday. Go Listen now.

Blessed we are to dance on this ground
with the rhythm of saints to carry the sound
We hold a prayer for the Earth
for the ones yet to come,
May you walk in beauty and remember your song.

Remember why you came here
Remember your life is sacred.
Remember why you came here
Remember all life is sacred.