Monday Intentions Nineteen | Letting It All Go

Hi Friends! I hope your week brought you the beauty reflections that you are and deserve. The energy of last week was so powerful, and completely brought me into a new and deeper state of being; ..which when happens, initially can be overwhelming, ungrounding, insanely blissful, and even confusing.  With this intense and beautiful energy pulsating through me I prioritize grounding, and spending a lot of time alone (especially in nature) integrating. How about you? Anyone have any upgrades last week? I'm not going to lie, my life feels like a constant ceremony. My life IS a constant ceremony haha, who am I trying to kid! Whatever that even means. Anyway HA, here are my intentions for the week:

Letting It All Go: I listened to the Dream Freedom Beauty podcast a few nights ago when she was interviewing the beautiful Vanya Vukelic of Merakilabbe and one the things Vanya mentioned really struck me. She said " This world {right now} is all about SEEMING to be something, rather than just BEING what we are." So true eh. So now I am in a very inward journey of getting super honest with where I am putting energy into SEEMING to be something. It just isn't worth it. I do not want to be spending my precious energy on only seeming to be something. When in fact what I AM is SO so much more sacred and beautiful. 

I feel I am ready to just STOP. Stop everything. I am ready to start from scratch, to begin fresh. But I am not sure how to do that, quite yet. Letting go is all that really comes through. I am letting go. I also feel that in this letting go is a deeper vow and commitment to my HEART, to my real SELF. Nothing nothing nothing else matters more. I am just surrendering, and whatever gets uprooted and composted I am completely cool with, while also noting that I am not naive to the fact that this could be an extremely difficult process. But as I write, my heart is opening deeper, and I am feeling SOO good, so I also note that this is a beautiful sign I am speaking my TRUTH. 

LOVE: At the beginning I wrote of reaching a new depth of being. This depth of being is a deeper LOVE in every moment. I am in tears right now as I write because I just don't mentally understand how life can be so beautiful. I am full. I am overflowing. I am pulsating. I am crying, in love. I am honest when I am in darker places, so I am not going to hold back with my honesty when I am doing AMAZING. I have never felt this amount of love, this amount of beauty, trust, and connection. I am not afraid. I am beginning to feel safe in my most vulnerable self, because this is who I am. 

NO: So today I begin my second UNBLOCKED workshop with Lacy Phillips of Free + Native. Ive been working with Lacy for exactly a year today. What a beautiful, beautiful soul who has helped me break through so much of my fears, insecurities, and self worth issues.  This five day workshop is all about not settling for less than what you BELIEVE you deserve by having the courage to learn to say NO:

"The Universe gives you what you settle for. It's up to your worth to stop settling for less, for The Universe rewards that with sittuational magnetism.  More specifically, The Universe gives you what you project you’re worthy of (subconsciously from patterns and beliefs), and through your actions of what you’ll accept and put up with in your life." ~ Lacy Phillips

Change: I do not know what's happening to me. I AM changing though, so so deeply. I feel as if I am being given a chance to be who I never had the chance to be as a younger person. 

Heart, Heart, Heart: Biggest teacher. I love her, and I also want to give a shoutout to CACAO who has been my greatest plant ally for MONTHS now. She helps me connect, deeply, with my heart every single day. Cacao is my sacred spiritual tool, as my heart is my teacher, and Cacao really does help me tune into her in a way that I am still learning to on my own. 

Deep Presence: Sometimes life offers us situations and circumstances that challenge our ability to stay present. But sometimes these situations could crumble and shatter if we aren't fully present with them. So I vow to be present with myself, the people, and situations in my life these days.



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I am addicted to this weeks song. Thank you to Katlin for showing me. It is literally on repeat. I feel like this song sings how I feel about life. I LOVE YOU LIFE, so so so much. So in love. Everyday. Feeling oh so blessed.