Monday Intentions Fifteen | Power + Feminine


Oh my gosh, I had such a great week! The energy so has shifted for me, and I honestly feel like there is so much I could say. But you will get more of my words soon as I am feeling a strong call to write more on here. This week I am setting themes for my week along with the intention. I am not sure where this really came from, other than just a download that I needed to do this, this week. This weeks theme is Power and Feminine. Ill go into that below with this weeks intentions:

Power and Feminine: As the energies of the world and universe shift and transform, we too, must let go and move on. One of the things I have been pondering lately, and actually living, is how to make a living, and do our work, rooted into a feminine or balanced lifestlye. The more I listen to myself, the more I am reminded about how IMPORTANT it is (for me, right now) to move slow, with my heart. So some days this means working all day (when I have that energy), and some days that means literally just BEING. I believe that the more we can move with our energy, with our hearts, with inspiration and passion, than we can all live a more rich life.  So this week, I am calling in sacred inner Power to get everything I need done, with divine grace, presence, passion, excitement and fulfillment. I too, am calling on the sacred feminine force, to keep me reminded about moving with my body, and heart. It can be easy to get sucked into thinking we NEED to DO things, but when we go back enough into why we feel that way, it's usually rooted into some sort of fear, which can be loved through. Diving into a life like this can feel scary, and uncomfortable, but that is only because its unknown, which doesn't mean wrong. So I implore you to try it out.. listen to your body and heart today, and the next few days. Heck, it IS Cancer season, hehe! 

Digging: Some very interesting things have been coming up lately... like shadow things, not anything that is BAD or hurts, just INTERESTING things. Im just thinking "what and where and why is this even here?".. SO this week I will sitting with a few things that came up recently, and getting to the bottom of that. 

Contemplation and Change: There have been a few interesting things on my mind that I need to sit with. I am changing, and growing. As we do our healing work, and as we let go of illusions that we have held onto our whole lives, we change. I am IN that change right now. I am in a comfortable uncertainty. Maybe it's comfortable because I can feel a deep sense of certainty ABOUT the uncertainty. Funny, I know. It's almost that what I am feeling is a beautiful birth, but I am not allowed to know, or not ready to know fully what it is yet. 

TRUST: Trusting myself. I am feeling called to share my words, and the lessons i've been learning, but that requires trust. The more I do trust though, Spirit has been showing my reasons TO  TRUST. It's kind of like the more we practice gratitude, the more we see things to be grateful for. The more we trust ourselves, and believe in ourselves, the more life will show us reasons to keep doing that.

HEART: Aw, the gracious heartspace. My gosh, how have I lived most of my life in my mind? The number one thing in my life is living a life that aligns as much as possible with my highest being. In order to do this, I must drop out of EGO, and more into HEART. It comes in layers, but I am going to give myself some credit, because I've been doing a pretty darn good job. This has been my strongest intention for a WHILE. Everyday I state to the spirit/universe/creator that my intention is to   BE  IN  THE  HEART. Its a practice. Like anything else. This is my practice. 

PLANTS: This week ill be connecting with Rose, St. Johns Wort, Elderflower, Pink Yarrow, and a few others! 




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Here is my song of the week via spotify, that ill be vibing to all week: