Monday Intentions Eighteen | Shadow, New Stories + Truth


Hello Friends! Happy week to you! We've just been ushered through another big portal as we have just entered Leo and Eclipse Season. This next month and more is going to be intense, to say the least. How do you feel? I encourage you to not hold too much blame for yourself this next month ( or ever really ) , but when the energy is so high and powerful, us senstive ones really do tap into it and take it on. It will bring up some deep emotion. Feel it. This energy is seriously going to be a huge test for a lot of people. We need to know and be IN our centre if we don't want to get caught in the tornado. If we forget our centre, we will be much more likely to get sucked into a downward spiral. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, I am just saying that the lessons do not always have to be delivered the hard way, even in times of intensity. We can be IN the downward spiral, but IN our centre. In these massive energetic times it is super important to connect with the Earth, and to connect with the truth of who we are. Remembering who we are in these times is vital, as when ego begins to shed, we can gracefully say goodbye because deep in our hearts we know this is what we are asking for. So here are my intentions for the week ahead:


Shadow, New Stories + Truth: This weeks theme is centred around deep shadow work, building new stories and speaking my truth. It was so interesting, this weekend, ALOT of my shadow came up. It was so interesting to swim with some of these thoughts that surfaced and to sit with them. This morning in my meditation Spirit told me that these were tests, that this is my OLD story. Not to say that I do not have so much shadow to work through haha, because, ahem, I DO, but the stuff that came up this weekend was OLD, old Emily shit. That is why it felt so weird and gross. It was a test, and I thank Spirit for showing me it's my old story. I am working everyday to build a new story, and to let go of the stories i've been taught, and that continue to keep me small and believing I am less of who I TRULY am. I am grateful that is came up because it seriously was a test to see if I am LIVING my new story yet. And ya know what, I wasn't. I wasn't living my new story fully as I did get sucked into these old stories. But now I know how to spot the old story when it comes up, and honestly, when it does,  I will just say " Excuse me, no. This isn't my story anymore. Thank you, and goodbye."  It really is that easy. When we learn what our old (illusioned) stories are, we don't feed them as much. They may come up and try to bite us, but they just can't when we are literally living a new story. This was a beautiful lesson this morning. It ties in with Truth too as more and more the message is coming in clearly for me to continue to share my TRUTH. My most truest truth. This is apart of my new story: giving myself the purest permission to feel and speak my deepest truth (from the heart), no matter what. For a long time I used to look for outward validation and permission to speak my truth, but this always left me feeling less than fulfilled. Spirit continues to affirm and assure me to trust in my truth, to speak and share it. So thank you for reading it, and taking it with a grain a salt. Because YOU have your own truth too. 

Solitude: I haven't been taking as much REAL solitude as I need. This week I will take some much needed time alone, out in nature, and just BE. This is a wonderful way to tap into the the truth of ourselves.

Deep Emotion: Cancer season really brought me into new depths of feeling. I love it. This week, and honestly for the next month or however long I am intending to BE in this emotion. It is soooo good. This world, this life experience, the beauty, ahhh, it's so good. I am with it. 

Presence + Slowing Time Down+ Merging with the Moment:  "I often hear people complain how time feels as if it slips away out of their hands as they get older and turn colder. And i know that feeling when days turn into fog, dissolving before my eyes. And sometimes i desperately dive inside the murkiness of the cloud swimming through obscurities, salvaging solidity. But then one day i allowed myself to drown in all the dismay. Fully feeling. Entirely breaking. Dissolving away in the sacredness of the air. And as i became the air i breathe and the fog through which i barely see, i felt the stream of clarity falling down on the earthen ground sustaining the seeds unbound by speed. And that is how you slow down the passing of the time. By harvesting the magic of impermanence and becoming one with all life. By embracing your cycles of dying and living entwined within the rootage of timeless existing." ~ Vanja Vukelić of MerakiLabbe 

Open + Allowing my Love: I am working on clearing the blockages I have around sharing my love. I love my love. A deep scar ( not even sure if it's this lifetimes ) is keeping me from sharing my love in and to the extent that I crave. I literally watch myself hold it back, and resist it. This is what I am working on letting go of this week and month. There is nothing to fear in love. We have been taught so much dogma about our love, and that if we share it, we are setting ourselves up for pain, and therefore we all hold it back. When in reality we need to give our love generously. IN this, I also want to acknowledge that by fearing giving my love, I have created a big boundary around receiving love, and I know that in working on even just aspect of this, it will similtaneously  heal and open the other. 

Embracing Where I Am: I am giving myself the space to BE where I am at. I have done a lot of amazing work this year. I have got to know myself deeper than any other year. I am giving myself the permission to soak it all in. To love that love that I have for myself. The deeper I love myself, the deep I love you guys. I am basking in it. mmmmm.

Heartspace:  As always. My biggest teacher, my heart. I bow to you. 



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This weeks song is an emotional one. Just feel it my friends. I love you.