Monday Intentions Seventeen | Open Heart, Permission+ Knowing Thyself

I'm a little late on the Monday Intentions hehe, but I felt compelled to share anyway as this is healing for me, and now a ritual, so to skip it felt weirder than sharing a day late. I didn't post yesterday because I was at Evolve Music Festival Sunday day, night and Monday morning. So technically, today is my Monday ;)  It was absolutely incredible to be in a festival experience for the first time in three years. It's an interesting measurement of growth. I am so humbled, grateful, and honoured at how far I came in the past three years. The big lesson that is coming through is we are so much more than we can even imagine; three years ago I seriously would have had no idea ( my consciousness couldn't even perceive ) who I am today. Trust in yourself. Trust in your journey, and in your timing. It's all happening. Forgive yourself, love yourself. All these cliche saying are actually SO important.  Love y'all. Here are my intentions for this week:


Open Heart, Permission + Knowing Thyself: So at the festival this weekend I met an Earth Angel. He had the biggest, most open heart. Being in his presence granted me the permission to live a more embodied life. A life even deeper in the heart, a life less in fear of my TRUE self. Seeing him embody such a true, loving self was indeed a blessing. Being in the presence of someone who is so close to embodying heir highest self is a gift. Allowance is key. We all have these incredible souls and essences, but we keep them held back by number one: not knowing they are there, and     two: being sucked into illusions of who we think are, and number three: fear of being and showing that super vulnerable true side of ourselves. Well heres the thing.. embodying and embracing that self is seriously what we are looking for in EVERYTHING. We are looking for OURSELF. It is the most fulfilling thing to know and live in our purest essence.  The most important thing I think is getting to know who we truly are. How to do that? Well I am seriously no expert, but meditation is a really good way. Especially with the intention of getting to know your truest self. Once we experience who we ARE, then it's much harder to get sucked into illusion and ego traps of the mind. It then becomes much easier to observe these states, sit with them, work through them, and let them go. So this is what I am working on this week, and or the rest of my life. Getting to know ME, seeing my illusions, forgiving myself and others, giving myself permission to embody a truer self, opening my heart in vulnerability and trust. Beyond anything, this is the most important thing for me in life. Nothing else seems to come close to the importance this work is to me, which says a lot. I invite you to know YOURself, it is the most beautiful journey. 

Presence: As the weeks continue to be busy, I am committed to staying as present as possible. I acknowledge the fact that I am the one who puts the pressure on myself, and that I am the one who can take it off too. We don't have to move as fast as the outside world does. Like what I was mentioning above, we need to look at our priorities, see what is number one, and make sure that doesn't fall to the backburner.  Being  present with myself is a major priority and it can't be done if i'm moving a mile a minute. 

Space: This week I am giving myself the space to go within and do some deep inner healing. There are some blockages around my heart (hence why every week and everyday I am consciously working on my heart). I am feeling strong, and ready to go deeper into some childhood wounds that continue to keep my held back. I will do this through breathwork and meditation.  

Medicina: I have probably said this before but I am finding it hard to keep up with the plants this year. I am finding myself very busy between gathering, drying, markets, and medicine making. It really is a full time job. I do love it however. I have been making these amazing wild teas, in small batches every week. I make new ones for every Wednesday and Saturday. Making teas is like art to me. I don't make medicinal teas techinally, though they do have medicinal properties, they are made more as drinking teas. Which in my opinion, are SO tasty. 

Plants: This weeks plant friends I will be connecting with are: Sweet Gale, Sweet Fern, Elderflower, Goldenrod, St.Johns Wort, Borage, Yarrow, and who knows who else :)



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Here is the weeks song, it's another soul one. Let it take you on a journey to YOU. While you listen to this, imagine the deepest love possible pouring into you. Imagine this love is YOU, LOVING YOU. I love you.