Monday Intentions Sixteen | Depth, Surrender + Trust

The full moon just passed and wow, what a powerful one. So many shifts! How about you? Were you going through some transitions? Personally I was surprisingly grounded, and able to hold these energies a lot more than I thought I could, and whilst in that I received so many downloads or realizations. I also feel a very open and clear crown chakra/third eye which helps me to really SEE, understand, and feel my gifts. My spirit has also been humbling me to remind me that THOUGH I see these wonderful parts of myself, that I have wounds (holding some of these gifts back).. that are present ,need to be brought to the surface, forgiven, and let go. This is the work. Here is an amazing quote that I find describes what I see as doing the work. At first it seems daunting, scary, and honestly, like WORK, but it IS work, but it's the best work you can do for yourself, and this world.


You can deny, repress, distort, and bury your unresolved wounds all you want. You can re-frame them, pseudo-positivity them, detach from them, spiritual bypass them. You can re-name yourself, hide away in a monastery, turn your story around. And you can spend all your money on superficial healing practices and hocus pocus practitioners. But it won’t mean a damn thing, if you don’t do the deeper work to excavate and heal your primary wounds. Because the material is still there, right where you left it, ruling your life and controlling your choices. This is the nature of unhealed material- it is alive, and one way or the other, it will manifest itself in your lived experience. It will language your inner narrative. It will obstruct your path and limit your possibilities. It lives everywhere that you live. And so you have to decide- excavate it and bring it into consciousness where it can be worked through and integrated, or repress it and watch it rule your life. It’s one of the hardest truths we have to face: If we don’t deal with our stuff, it deals with us. There is no way around this. Choose. ~ Jeff Brown


Thanks for reading all of that, here are my intentions for the week:

Depth, Surrender and Trust: This weeks theme. All I can feel inside is my spirit saying TRUST in your feelings. Trust in your heart, and surrender to it all. This week is all about doing just that. I am calling in the strength to FULLY listen and TRUST in my heart, even if that looks different, odd, out of the normal, and even what someone else would call "false, bad, negative, ect." One of the main things I have shame around, and am learning to love, is how much time alone I need, and love. Internally, this feels right to me, but externally, since culturally, it's a little different, and honestly, quite uncomfortable for a lot of people, that I have questioned this truth inside of my heart, for so long. I am in a beautiful phase of letting go of as much falseness in my life. I am learning what my inner heart and truth FEELS like and giving myself the space to trust in that. I am cultivating the strength to go against what everyone else is doing if my heart says so. This is my truest truth, the path of my heartspace. I listen to Her, and the more I listen, the clearer it is. And the more I listen, the fuller my heart is. There is so much beauty in surrendering to the depth of the heart, and cultivating the STRENGTH to trust in that. This is my practice. 

Self Ceremony: Another practice I am called to make more present in my life is self ceremonies. These ceremonies will be as much of an expression of my soul as possible. I will ultimately be sitting with my soul, hearing her, listening to her lessons, and wisdom. I will share what comes through.

Self Discipline: Some people would say I have a lot of self discipline, but I would say I don't really. I am setting the intention to cultivate more self discipline. SO many of us are looking for instant gratification, not willing to put the work into something, whether that takes one year, or five years. I am giving myself the space to be patient with gratification, to discipline myself.. whether that means around my practice, learning a new skill, or saving up for an experience, ect. 

Medicine: The markets are really picking up, and I find myself very busy, but I do love it. This week I will be making a lot of medicine, gathering plants, drying plants. Wow, do I ever feel grateful that this is my work right now. What an honour it is to share THIS part of my practice with you all. BLESS

 SLOWNESS: Within the business this week, I vow to my heart, and feminine spirit. I allow the work to get done without force. I allow myself the space to move with inpspiration, motivation, a full heart and lots of excitement and passion. Grace and ease!

PLANTS: This week my plant focus is on LINDEN, St Johns Wort, Rose, Calendula, and Borage :)



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Song of the week my love, feel this one in your soul: