Monday Intentions Eleven


This week seemed so long! I guess I do so much in a week that when I look back I am like "wow!" That is going to be my life for the next few months as gathering, processing, experimenting and markets are keeping me really busy, and I love it.  Here my intentions for this week:


HARVEST: I am loving that there are different plants to gather each week. This week I will 100% be gathering Hawthorn Leaf and Flower, Raspberry, more Violet, and Lilac. So excited.

Meditation + Remembering My True Self: These days I am finding it really important to tune into my TRUE self, my higher self, my self that unconditionally loves me so deeply, and the my self that is SO compassionate towards myself during these rockier phases of life. I have been finding that as I tune into Her, it helps me not get lost in the dark mind traps that are much easier for me to fall into when I am as vulnerable as I am right now. Another beautiful thing that doing this has been teaching me is that when I really find the compassion for my wounds, my judgements towards self and others, and also the way my healing process looks, I can so so easily SEE others more clearly as I don't let their wounds(illusions) cloud my sight of who they truly are. Our illusions do not define us, though we tend to believe they do. With intention, strength, courage and integrity and PATIENCE, we can break through all the barriers and safeguards we have built up around our truest selves and meditation with this intention has been so great for me!

Garden: Full Moon in June is coming up and that is the perfect time to get plants into the ground. I have a lot of planting to do this week and I am so excited.

Music/Dance: Music can really transform my mood. It's actually wild. Sometimes I honestly do not understand how I forget to put my tunes on sometimes. There is a soft melody that will totally tune you into yourself at the bottom of this page.

Gratitude: Really going to send out huge thanks into the universe for everything I have been gifted with. It can be easy to slip into lack state of mind with the amount of shit on social media these days, seeing everyone's "good side" to their life. It's a trap. It isn't as pure as we can imagine, and truly, isn't the truth. Stepping back out of the constant desire that social media wants of us, and being present, we can clearly see ALL that we have, and its SO SO much. When we send out the vibration of gratitude, the universe sends us back all kinds of things to be grateful for. It works the other way too, when we send out lack vibes, the universe will send us reasons to feel and see the lack.

Rock Barra Connection: For those of you that don't know, I am apart of an amazing Artist Retreat cooperative. Here is a LINK to what it's all about. This week, some of the members are gathering together to do a big clean up/season prep. It's so amazing to be apart of such a special place. 

Creativity: I have realized HOW important being creative is this past week, and how tending to that inner passion and creative fire can keep us burning with motivation. I love getting creative with plants..making mandalas with the herbs I will be drinking in my tea, making flower arrangements, and even the medicine I make. 

SELF LOVE: This has been HUGE for me. Self love was what initiated my spiritual awakening. It was my ONLY practice for a long time. Everyday, I practiced self love, for about a year or longer. When it became more innate I let those practices go, for other self loving practices. But now, I am finding myself full circle, back at the practice that opened everything up for me, a consistent self love practice. I have found with self love, that it has many layers. So we are challenged to love ourself, and we do, but then the deeper we go, the layers shed, and we may find other aspects of of self loathing that we need to clear(and dive into). This is where I am at. I am learning and practicing to love myself at a deeper level, through all the wounds, and scars. I realize that self-love is SO important, and one of the biggest aspects to shining our gifts.




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What a beautiful, beautiful song I found this morning via my discovery weekly spotify playlist. Listen and Enjoy!