Monday Intentions Fourteen

Happy Summer!! Oh my gosh my heart is wide open. This past week was such a beautiful portal for me, and i'm sure many of you! The Solstice and New Moon, Cancer Season beginning and my personal moon time made this week a gateway of change, thank god! Many of you who have been following these intentions for a while now know that i've been in a big of a rut for a little over a month now, which is crazy! Usually when I go low, it doesn't usually last this long. But i've come to understand how mandatory these parts of the path are, and that you can usually count on a bigger light than you've ever experienced coming after. We have to go deep into our shadow, into our wounds in order to reach the sacred depths of beauty. What a paradox eh! So as hard as it was, I am SOO grateful for my strength, and my spirit for guiding me there. With all that being said, here are my intentions for the week:

LOVE: Lately I had a powerful session with my friend who knows an amazing breathwork technique. We went deep into the chakras, and while we were clearing the heart, I had HUGE insight on a blockage I've been holding onto for literally MY WHOLE LIFE, and I let it go. Since letting it go, i've been slowly able to open my heart up, understand the strength of my heart, and move into a deeper love. As I have been moving into this deeper love, I am finding a super pure understanding and experience of compassion. It dawned on me yesterday, that as we go  deeper into ourselves, and im talking deeply, we can cultivate a deeper compassion for ourselves by seeing the truth of who we really are, and WHAT we really are, and let go of defining ourselves and judging as our selves as our surface level expression. This realization literally changed the way I SEE other people too. I reazlied that  judging  other people is actually such a shallow look at who they truly are... and who I TRULY am. Like as I begin to see the layers I carry within myself, who am I to look at someone else and define them for what is on the surface; I don't know their story, or what happened in their linage or their childhood. This is my practice, to see others deeply, as deeply as I see myself, and to love others as much as I love myself. I think that is all we are capable of honestly, loving others as much as we love ourselves. So then the question becomes, how much can we love ourselves? 

Change: Something is changing within me. I think everything is changing honestly,I know, but also don't know what is coming. I am excited, humbled, patient, but also nervous about what is being birthed. It's not quite ready for physicality yet, and therefore that is why I am not going to write about it just yet, because I don't even really know how to put it into words. HEALING, is the only kind of words I can spew out. My own healing, and others healing. Who knows! I just know it feels right, and it's spirit guiding me. 

Presence:  This is my medicine lately. BEING here. Embracing how far i've come, all that I have and am now. Experiencing life and the moment around me. Life is radiating these days. I love summer!

Self Care: Every day and every month I learn how to care for myself in a deeper way. I am learning more and more about how important it is to INTENTIONALLY care for yourself, from a place of LOVE. I repeat from a place of LOVE. SOOOOOO many women "care" for themselves from a place of hate, because that is what society has programmed into us. When we question why we do things and get to the root, I think many of you would be surprised to find out that the main reason you are doing something, isn't aligned with true self care and love. I lived this for many years, but I can honestly say that I don't anymore. These days my self-care looks like healthy meals, lots of water, moving slow, moving my body in the ways it wants to be moved, breathing deeply, and enjoying my summer! What does your self-care look like?

PLANTS: Oh my gosh, i've actually found it harder this year to keep up with the plants that i've harvesting. But thats ok! Here are the plants i'll be connecting with this week: Red Clover, Rose, Elderflower, St. Johns Wort, and Yarrow.  And the ones from my garden that I am super excited about are LEMON BALM (yum), and Borage! 

Dyeing with Plants: A bit of a new addiction! I did my first two dyes this past week and am IN LOVE with how they turned out. I am so excited to explore and create! 

 Heartspace: I am realizing more and more the importance of living from my heartspace, and also healing my heart. 

Writing: I love to journal and write, and I always forget how important it is to me. It's a huge part of my path, and one day I definitely will be publishing a book. SO here's to writing more.... I even have this beautiful blog to share on! 


Have a wonderful week guys, I love you all!!!!



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