Monday Intentions Thirteen

Roses are here! Wow, aren't they beautiful, these are the first ones that blossomed in my back yard. They totally opened my heart, and will until they are gone. What a POWERFUL plant.

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week was full of beauty. Looking back, I honestly had a pretty damn good week, though I am still in the inbetween, embracing it more these days however. I am so loving the ong days.. Summer Solstice is on WEDNESDAY. My week will definitely involve a lot of intention setting for the next six months, and reflecting on what has came to fruition in the past six months. What a year 2017 has been. Definitely has been the biggest rollercoaster of a year for me yet. I've literally never "died" so many times in one year. My sister told me this is the year of "ending all illusion," and I can really see how that has been manifesting in my life.

Here is what I am intending this week:


STRENGTH: This is a biggie. I am embodying a deeper inner strength now. I noticed this morning while I was journaling that I was awaiting for my strength to arrive again. But in that moment I heard an inner voice say "you already have the strength, you just keep telling yourself you don't have it." And it's so true. I just have to HAVE the strength, it's already here. If I continuously say I am not strong, than that is what I will feel. The strength I am talking about is the inner courage to do what I TRULY want to do, and not allow myself to fall back into old patterns. (which I have been doing, and I am SO done.)

Deep Inner Listening: Following the words and feelings of my soul this week. Letting go of the "shoulds" that have been weighing my spirit down. My soul knows what I need, and what fulfills me. I trust in the inner voice to feed me.

NEW CYCLE: Wow I really feel like a new cycle is on the horizon for me. Not just like a small cycle, I feel like Ive been ending a big cycle, and the time has come to begin my new one, finally! Especially with the New Moon/Solstice and my own moontime happening this week. I need this! I will be having a personal solo ceremony to honour this beginning. 

Reflection/Intention: I love taking time at solstices and equinoxes to look back and see what all has happened, how i've changed, what i've let go of, and how things have shifted. This year has been such an interesting year for me, not sure about you guys, but I've never experienced a year like it! 

Plants: This week i'll be connecting with ROSES, Red Clover, Pine Pollen, Valerien Flowers, Lady's Mantle Flowers, Yarrow, and Mullein. SO many beautiful plants to LOVE.

Deep Presence:  Summer is toooooo good to miss. So many of us are literally elsewhere, either in our minds, our the past, or the future, or in our drama, or worry that we don't truly experience the beauty of life that is surrounding us, especially in SUMMER. I notice this with myself sometimes lately, especially with my future being unclear. But there is no better time to not care. To fully drink in the beauty, the love, the medicine. I am so eternally grateful for the abundance that is life, and I vow to BE with it, and apart of it. 

Medicine: I am super stoked to make some fun medicine this week. I will be drinking lots of solar and new moon lunar infusions with the roses, and other flowers of the yard. I have some exciting things up my sleeve too! 

Heart: No better time to connect with the heart than when roses are in bloom. I am committed to my heart. I know this is a practice, especially for someone who has spent so much time in her mind in whole life. (not that I don't value it, I do, i'm an Aquarius, I have an amazing mind! But I am coming into a heart/mind balance). 

Happy Week! Love you all!



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This week's super fun song from my weekly playlist. I think ill be listening to this one in the car all week: